- Ed Dames - Remote Viewing DVD Course (4 DVD) (2011) p
Ed Dames – Remote Viewing Training Course

“In the time it takes to watch a TV show, you could have the solutions to your life’s biggest challenges and goals with just a pen, paper, and your Natural Psychic Muscle.”
magine for just a second, that you had intuition so powerful, you knew exactly what the person next to you was thinking or even what someone across the street, across the city, or even across the country was doing. Now visualize having the power to pick with surgical precision your future wife or husband, the right time to go into the tech sector and the right time to go into commodities, whether you should quit your job and start something completely new, or even where the tumor in a cancer patient was.

Imagine having the knowledge and guidance that will tell you, like a personal advisor, how to take each step so that every day becomes a leap towards accomplishing your life’s true purpose.

This is more than a possibility for you.

But first, let me start with the story behind the skill that will give you all that.

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