Ed Gandia – Extreme Makeover: 11 Proven Ways to Redeploy Your Freelance Talents

Jeremy contributed a story about his business that will be shared by writer Ed Gandia in his teleclass, “Extreme Makeover: 11 Proven Ways to Redeploy Your Freelance Talents” on Thursday, July 29 at 1:00 CDT.

Read the teleclass synopsis here.

Ed Gandia, along with Steve Slaunwhite and Pete Savage, are the authors of the popular book The Wealthy Freelancer, which I strongly recommend for self-employed professionals. The authors have continued to share good material through their blog and their various teleclasses, which are conducted live online and then available for purchase afterwards in a recorded format.

I contributed a story about my own business, which changed this year when I started promoting myself as one of the top Adobe experts in the state. It’s one way I use to stand out, and it’s begun to pay off with greater visibility for my services and new project opportunities. In today’s economic environment it’s tougher than ever to succeed as a small businessperson, but tactics like these prove that, like I say in the teleclass, “it’s a matter of standing out no matter what approach you take.”

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