Ed Gandia – Portfolio Power Up How To Turn Any Portfolio Into Your Strongest Sales Tool

Crystal and hello everyone, welcome to our portfolio power up teleclass. As all of you know, in most of the creative freelance categories whether it’s writing, design, photography, illustration, video, WordPress setup, you name it, just about any profession where you’re creating something for a client, portfolio samples are an absolute must. Potential clients simply expect to see a portfolio sample from you if you’re looking to get hired. It’s evident that you have the skills, the creative capacity and the experience needed to help them with their needs but the question is does a portfolio sample, even a knockout sample, really motivate a client to hire you. Well, as we all know, that’s not true in most cases. In fact, you might be surprised by how poor of a salesperson a traditional portfolio sample can be. And Steve, this is one of those deceptively simple techniques that takes about five minutes to describe but thirty minutes to explain how to apply effectively, isn’t it?

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