EFT Intermediate - Borrowing Benefits (DVD Set)

EFT Intermediate – Borrowing Benefits (DVD Set)

Contents of the Borrowing Benefits DVD Set

Overview and Benefits:

15 hours on DVD.

This DVD set revolutionizes the delivery of quality healing to the public.
You get detailed instructions followed by 13 high quality live sessions that you can “tap along” with.
Ideal for workshop presenters and for professionals who want to give clients quality “homework.”

After some simple instructions you can dive right in and begin collapsing your issues. Relief is usually immediate.
You can achieve results even if you have no previous training in EFT. You may wish to formally learn EFT later if you are a professional or a serious student and wish to take EFT to even higher levels.

These videos are capable of very deep work and have collapsed many, many issues that conventional techniques couldn’t touch.

They are “Universally Useful” for you because each of them is capable of addressing thousands of different issues.
They are re-useable. Pick out your favorite sessions and use them over and over again for as many issues as you wish.

Each video is engaging and entertaining.

You can go even further with the aid of a proficient, highly skilled EFT practitioner.
Borrowing Benefits works whether or not your issues match the issues on the videos. In fact, it is often preferable that they don’t match.

“Borrowing Benefits never ceases to amaze me. You can feel the shifts happening inside you even when tapping along with someone else’s different issue. In all my years as a therapist, I’ve never seen anything like this”. Betty Moore-Hafter, CHt

Special benefits for professionals and serious students:
In addition to the above, over 30 different creative approaches and reframes are displayed for your study. Adopting them is almost certain to enhance your practice.

The videos often serve to uncover hidden issues. Thus loaning copies of these videos to your clients for homework will often result in their bringing back core issues for quality work. This substantially reduces the time necessary to do “detective work.”

You can effectively use these videos in your own Borrowing Benefits workshops. They are ready made for this and highly efficient.

DVD Contents:

Stacey: Money blocks
Roger & Mary: Couples counseling
Kim: Molested at age 6
Betty: Putting herself forward-“Mr. Smythe dealt me a mortal blow”
Gary: Spiritual growth
LaVern: Rejection-“I don’t want to dance!!”
Kathy: Fear and dread of making presentations to unknown people.
Andy: “I could never do anything right.”
Patricia: Social discomfort & “Momma didn’t want me”
Yvette: Overweight & “I don’t want to be controlled”
Lucille: Claustrophobia and related items
Tam: Repressed memory-childhood school trauma
Sarah: Alcoholic mother & “I must fix the world”


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