EFT Intermediate - Specialty Series 1&2 (DVD Set)

EFT Intermediate – Specialty Series 1&2 (DVD Set)

14 hours on DVD plus a handout on CD, all neatly compacted on 2 DVDs.
Learn as experts make presentations on EFT’s uses regarding Business, Addictions/Overweight, Sexual Trauma, Relationships and Severely Emotionally Disturbed Children.
Enjoy six full hours on business how-to’s and collapsing the “mental comedies” that limit our business success (presented by Gary Craig, EFT Founder).
Instant replay any video segment for thorough learning.
Contents: Here is a thumbnail sketch of what’s included (followed by a more detailed description of each section).

Doing Business with EFT – Gary Craig
Weight Loss and Addictions – Dr. Carol Look
Relationships – Paul and Layne Cutright
Sexual Trauma – Lori Lorenz, MA
Emotionally Disturbed Children.AND.Getting EFT Accepted by Institutions – Ann Adams, LCSW
Doing Business with EFT – Gary Craig

90% of this 6 hour presentation involves new material never before seen on our web site or my other training videos. We begin with the critically important “mental set” and spend major time discovering our mental blocks to financial success.

You may tap along with me and the audience as we reduce these mental blocks to “comedies”. This part of the presentation is wall to wall to humor as we go about the business of erasing some of the limiting financial “writing on our walls”. We then have a full live session with Stacey (an audience volunteer) on two of her business issues (including fear of rejection). You are encouraged to tap along with us and, by so doing, are likely to get movement on your issues.

Here are some of the other topics covered.

How to find for yourself unique ways to do what you want even when you have run out of ideas-it’s called your “antenna”.
Several techniques for low cost promotion & advertising
11 phrases you can use to build bridges to your customers’ belief systems
How to more than triple your earnings AND effectiveness by applying EFT in GROUPS
Several ethical persuasion principles
The Law of Contrast-a critically important communication principle that will help “sell” your ideas
The Rule of Reciprocation and how to use it ethically to build rapport and reputation

Contents of the EFT Specialty Series 2 DVD set

Overview and Benefits:
Over 16 intriguing hours on DVD.
Eight expert specialists give their inside tips on Chronic Health issues, vision, ADD, Substance Sensitivities, Allergies, Peak Performance, Trauma and The Choices Method.
Learn from 8 EFT experts as they detail their specialized uses of EFT.
Instant replay any video segment for thorough learning.


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