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Entheos 2014 - Finding Your Life's Calling videos with Renee Masur

Entheos 2014 – Finding Your Life’s Calling videos with Renee Masur

inding Your Life’s Calling videos with Renee Masur (14.mp4’s, 1.html file set) presented by entheos 2014
audios resampled for voice only can be found here: Finding Your Life’s Calling audios…

Finding Your Life’s Calling


with Renee Masur and Sokanu

Join 13 plus coaches, authors and scientists as they share what it means to be the most authentic version of yourself and how that leads to finding your life’s true calling.

The Experts and Their Topics:

Choosing Work that Gets you Excited and Helps the World
with Chela Davison
Chela Davison is a Certified Integral Coach™ from Vancouver, Canada. She’s intent on shifting culture towards greater health through individual and collective awakening and growth. Her calling is aptly expressed when working with others around their deepest purpose and desire to evolve and to be of service. Chela started her first business in 2000, which she sold in 2008. Over those years she developed great capacity in communication and team building and facilitated workshops for entrepreneurship. She now works with entrepreneurs and leaders in various industries internationally. Chela brings warmth, insight and rigor to aiding her clients in creating the sustainable change they seek within themselves and the work they’re doing in the world. Chela’s articles have been featured on Huffington post, Elephant Journal, The Daily Love, Make the World Move, Integral Chicks and Beams and Struts. Chela is a mother. And she likes you.
In this talk you‘ll learn:
• Identifying the Difference Between Personal Bliss and Instant Gratification
• Using Your Past as a Thread to Lead to Your Calling
• How to Serve Others while Following our Bliss

How to Create a ‘Sexy Life’ with the Self
with Tara Caffelle
Tara is a relationship and life coach with a passion for helping people create Big lives. She works with individuals and couples so that they can design and flourish in all areas of their lives like career, money, and family. She runs Big Life Coaching out of Vancouver, BC where she lives with her beloved Basset Hound, Baxter.
In this talk you‘ll learn:
• What is a “Sexy Relationship”?
• What it feels like when we’ve found our calling.
• How Couples Can Work Together to Support One Another During the Busiest Times of their Lives
How to Elevate Your Baseline of Happiness
with Mark Manson
Mark Manson is an entrepreneur, author and world traveler. He writes about the psychology of modern life, culture, and often gives unconventional life advice at
In this talk you‘ll learn:
• Our Biggest Misconceptions about Finding Fulfillment
• What Role Fear Plays in our Work and Lives
• One of the Biggest Contributing Factors to our Happiness

You Don’t Have to Suffer While Pursuing Work You Love
with Michelle Ward
Michelle Ward has one question for you: What do you want to be when you grow up? She’s answered that question for herself, and today she helps women transition out of soul-sucking jobs and into work that feels like play. You may have seen or heard her on Etsy, AOL Jobs, Newsweek, SXSW, Freelancers Union, Psychology Today, the Forbes Top 100 Websites for your Career list or 100+ other media outlets. Her first published book, The Declaration of You, was co-written with the artist Jessica Swift and can be found on real and virtual bookshelves everywhere. Discover what you wanna be when you grow up at
In this talk you‘ll learn:
• How to Find Work that Feels like Play
• How to Make an Easeful Transition into Finding Work You Love
• You Don’t Have to Suffer While Pursuing Work You Love
• Building your New Career Plan with very Little Risk

How We Can Embody Our Passion
with Shoshana Allice
Shoshana’s mission is to help people connect to their inner leaders so they can show up fully present in their minds and bodies. She’s a Certified Co-Active Coach with a Masters Degree in Human Systems Intervention. She supports conscious leaders to connect to the power and wisdom that lives within their bodies. She loves connecting with people and their ideas and values on a deeper level. For Shoshana, leadership is not what we do; it’s who we are being while we’re doing it.
In this talk you‘ll learn:
• How your body can be a powerful ally in creating the life you want
• Practices for Being more Embodied
• Why we need to embrace our full range of emotions (not just happiness)

How to Show Up as Your Most Authentic Self
with Mike Robbins
Mike Robbins is the author of three books, Focus on the Good Stuff and Be Yourself, Everyone Else is already Taken. His upcoming book Nothing Changes Until You Do will be released May 2014. He’s a sought-after keynote speaker who teaches people how to infuse their lives and businesses with authenticity and appreciation.
In this talk you‘ll learn:
• What are Our Personas and How do They Hold Us Back?
• Letting Ourselves Feel Vulnerable
• The 7 Steps of Moving Through our Fears

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