Evergreen Event Driven Marketing Bonus

Evergreen Event Driven Marketing Bonus

The Evergreen Business System is also called Evergreen Event-Driven Marketing

Rich Schefren is the inventor of this system and came up with this term.

Evergreen Event-Driven Marketing is “An Ongoing, Automated, Exciting Process That Continually And Persistently Creates Buyers Of Your Products And Services.”

“I’ve Never Seen A Marketing Process… Certain To Grow Your Business… And, At The Same Time… Helping You Break Free Of It!”

by Rich Schefren

Rich came up with a short definition of what EEDM is, so you’re clear what it stands for.

Evergreen – it’s ongoing, doesn’t decay and can be automated
Event Driven – it’s happening, it’s got a date attached to it (and deadlines) it generates excitement and stimulates action Marketing – it creates buyers of your products or services
So, EEDM is an ongoing, automated, exciting process that continually and persistently creates buyers of your products and services.









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