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Evolution Accelerator

Evolution Accelerator


Week #1

You’ll start by completing a thorough, comprehensive diagnostic assessment of your business. We need to know exactly where you are so we can help you get to where you want to go.

Then we’ll get on the phone and review your assessment. We’ll walk you through how to create/update your organizational chart and job descriptions.

We’ll explain how to get clear on your company vision and assist you with formulating/refining your goals for achieving that vision in 5, 3 and 1-year plans.

Week #2

This entire week is spent building out your goals and step-by-step action plan.

Week #3 – #7

Now we dig into AUTO-CLOSER™, our proprietary 7-step sales system. Selling is the engine that drives your entire business. Not training, selling. You can’t train anyone until you sell them first.

No system has put more money into the pockets of fitness professionals faster than AUTO-CLOSER. You will INSTANTLY double (at least) your average package size sold and/or dramatically increase your monthly EFT, improve your close rate to 90%, effortlessly converting prospects to clients with the included done-for-you MILLION dollar “Pressure-Free” PowerPoint presentation and simple objection Destroyer™ script. It sells every day here for $997.

Keep in mind that the average AUTO-CLOSER™ student begins using the system within days of learning it, and doubling their sales within weeks. You can count on a significant cash-flow surge to occur quickly.

Week #8 – #9

We’ll train you on the Time Management component of COMMANDER™, which is our proprietary business optimization and personal productivity system. You already know how vital it is that you prioritize properly and manage your time. It’s even more important now because we’re adding some new things to your plate. Even though each training assignment is small, it’s still work. This system shows you how to get more work done faster, and more efficiently, than you ever have before.

Week #10

LEVEL I CERTIFICATION TEST: You’ll take and pass this test to insure you’re squared away on AUTO-CLOSER™ and the time management module of COMMANDER™. When you pass, you qualify for another one-on-one consultation with your coach.

Week #11 – #16

DUPLICATOR™ fitness business management system training begins. And so does the beginning of your new life. This system is about creating freedom for you through delegation and duplication. Every aspect of core fitness business management will be installed into your studio/facility, and you’ll start getting your life back while simultaneously increasing control over your business.

This system is about control, leverage and freedom. It’s about working less and making more, about “duplicating” yourself, about implementing reporting, scheduling and accountability structure for your staff so you get the most out of them, they represent you and your fitness business correctly and professionally, and develop your clients to the fullest extent possible so results, referrals and testimonials flow like water. This is about moving your fitness business from chaos to control…with speed. It sells every day here for $997.

Week #17 – #19

We install the project management components of COMMANDER™ and Project Manager Pro™ into your business. Projects and tasks you haven’t been able to get to, maybe forever, will begin to get banged out one by one. You’re now in the second stage of business evolution, and the speed of your growth, and your business “traction” will increase dramatically.

Week #20

LEVEL II CERTIFICATION TEST: You’ll take and pass this test to insure you’re squared away on DUPLICATOR™ and the project management systems. When you pass, you qualify for another one-on-one consultation with your coach.

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