How To Excel As a Business Analyst (2016)

How To Excel As a Business Analyst (2016)

How To Excel As a Business Analyst (2016)

Name Product: How To Excel As a Business Analyst (2016)
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A self-help guide for Business Analysts / Technology professionals to build core, critical skills for career progress.

This is a self help course and guide and is meant for Business Analysts/Leaders of Business Analysts/Project or Technology professionals with 1-20 years of experience.

You want to BE THE BEST BA YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE. However, you face a number of problems to meet your own expectations:

PROBLEMS : There could be a gap between your own expectations of yourself versus how others see you. This gap could be due to lack of core skills, mismatch between your title and actual work done or inability to meet high expectations from others. Appraisals or feedback from others can help you close this gap. However, feedback and appraisals are not timely, honest, comprehensive and unbiased. They are also mostly superficial and do not analyse in depth the root causes and suggest constructive steps you can take.

SOLUTION: You need to help and guide yourself based on a real-life model and a real picture of the work you are doing. Self help will give instant results to build core skills and progress without waiting for feedback or appraisals. You will get instant answers and solutions to your problems to guide yourself.

If you are a Business Analyst, you can:

Identify your role clearly and assess the work you need to do to reach full potential in the role.
Identify signs of problems and signs of success in your day-to-day work.
Identify root causes for problems, fix them and move ahead in your career.
If you are a Leader of Business Analysts, you can:

Guide your team on assessing themselves
Find ways to create opportunities for your team to improve their performance and yours
Get more time to focus on the really important stuff!
If you are a Technology professional, you can:

Understand the full scope of Business analysis roles and what it takes to Excel.
Identify the best fit among BA roles, if you are considering a move to BA roles.
In addition, if you are a BA working in an IT service provider, you can find ways to overcome fundamental challenges in your career.

Valuable tips that deal with critical issues faced by a Business Analyst will be added as a special bonus in the course.

The course is based on the powerful 3-hat approach that provides a simple, practical and innovative self-assessment guide to EXCEL as a Business Analyst.


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