Fabienne Fredrickson - Get More Clients Blueprint 2011

[center][b]Fabienne Fredrickson – Get More Clients Blueprint 2011[/b][/center]
Get More Clients Blueprint 2011 | Price – $1,495

Learn Exactly How To Use My Step-By-Step Client Attraction Methods —
And Actually Create The Marketing Materials You Need–
So You Always Have A Consistent Stream Of Ideal, High-Paying
Clients, A Waiting List Of Prospects And Can Systematically And
Authentically Close The Sale Virtually Every Time, So You Never
EVER Worry About How To Get Ideal Clients Again Because You
Earn More Each Month Than You Ever Imagined, And You Finally
Experience Peace Of Mind And Financial Security.

Here’s just a SAMPLING of what you’ll discover when you receive the
“Get More Clients Workshop” :

• The BIG difference between generic marketing and Client Attraction (HINT:
it’s got to do with PULLING clients in, rather than PUSHING hard to convince
people to work with you) and how to apply it to YOUR business

• Clear, simple ways to make your marketing message CRYSTAL CLEAR and
IRRESISTIBLE (so prospects see you and only you as the answer to their

• How to figure out WHO your ideal clients REALLY are (it’s so much easier
than you think, you’ll kick yourself for having wasted so much time in the

• The step-by-step process for becoming your ideal client’s PROBLEM
SOLVER (this alone eliminates resistance at “sale time” and ensures that
prospects become paying clients, without fail)

• Exactly where to find these clients (where they hang out in large numbers
AND how you can pull them in inexpensively.) This is one of the BIG secrets
to filling your practice quickly.

• How to generate the BEST QUALITY LEADS and stop wasting your time on
tire-kickers who’ll • never hire you.

• The best, easiest and low-cost to no-cost STAY IN TOUCH marketing
vehicles. I’ll show you exactly how to use them, when and how to set
them up on autopilot so they work for YOU instead of you working so

• The secrets to creating an UNPAID SALES FORCE of referral partners
(Hint: there are three kinds of people who will happily give you clients
over and over again, without ever asking for anything in return. You
MUST know how to set this up, or you’ll continue to work WAY too

• My top-secret list of IRRESISTIBLE offers that make your ideal
prospects say yes.

• My 3-part formula to create a FULL PIPELINE of prospects who call
YOU (yes, they reach out to YOU, not the other way around!)

• Finally, your ULTIMATE MARKETING PIE, that’s my word for a
marketing plan that is such a no-brainer to implement

• How to get your IDEAL prospects to self-select themselves as
ideal clients

• The crucial role that pre-qualifying plays in closing the sale (Most
entrepreneurs spend WAY too much time talking to non-ideal clients.
HINT: This is one of the major reasons you’re not closing the sale as
much. You master this and you’re home-free! – but I’m not leaving
you high and dry, I show you exactly how to master it easily.)

• How to turn the tables and make it the CLIENT’S job to convince
YOU to work with THEM.

• The specific marketing materials you must have to practically
guarantee that an ideal prospect becomes a client (the best thing
is, you create these ONCE, and they work for you for years to
come. EASY! And, I give you examples of every one of mine,
so you can model mine.)

• How to create SYSTEMS for everything in your marketing
(HINT: the key to systems is to NOT reinvent the wheel each
time you do something. It’s also about making your business a

• How to put your entire marketing plan on AUTOPILOT, so you
can work less, make more and have things run smoothly, while
you just watch clients pouring in.

• How to create programs and packages so that you close the
sale more often (HINT: When you have different options at
different price points for different budget levels, you
instantaneously see increased sales. CA-CHING!)

• The secret to getting them to SIGN UP ON THE SPOT, rather
than going home and “thinking about it”. This too will dramatically
increase your closing rate.

• My EXACT script for closing the sale virtually EVERY TIME. It
works LIKE MAGIC! (That’s why I’m able to close the sale with
ideal clients 97% to 98% of the time and you’ll see EXACTLY
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