FearLessBOSS - Simple Paid Traffic System 2016

FearLessBOSS – Simple Paid Traffic System 2016

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Hello there and welcome to the introduction of the Simple Paid Traffic
Since you’re reading this, it is pretty obvious to me that you understand
the importance of traffic generation. Without traffic, your business is
pretty much lifeless.
You can have the most amazing offer in the world, but if you can’t get
your offer in front of enough people, you won’t make much profit if any
at all.
So, throughout this ebook I will be focusing solely on how you can drive
as much traffic to your sites and offers, as your heart desires.
I will cover the basics as well as some of my secrets that will help you
get up and running quickly and hassle-free.
Since we will be focusing on paid traffic specifically, I have some really
great news for you. By utilizing paid traffic opportunities, you will be
able to get traffic to your sites and offers instantly!
So, although I can’t guarantee how much money you will make, I’m
100% sure if you follow the steps in this ebook, you will never have to
worry about how to get traffic ever again.
Why Paid Traffic?
To be quite honest with you, I wasn’t always a fan of paid traffic.
I used to be really cheap and afraid to spend money on traffic. To me it
didn’t make sense to pay for traffic if I could get free traffic.
However, I realized that although free traffic doesn’t cost you a single
dime, it actually costs you the one thing that you will never get back.
Do you know what that is?
Your time.
Yes, your time is not a renewable resource, so once it is gone, you will
never get it back. So, once I began to value my time, I began to realize
that paid traffic is the better option when it comes to paid versus free
I actually believe the combination of free traffic and paid traffic is the
wisest thing to do, as opposed to just choosing one, but if you master
paid traffic, free traffic will simply be optional for you.
Nowadays, I focus most of my time on paid traffic, and I may engage in
free traffic generation methods when I have a little spare time.
Why spend hours and hours trying to drive traffic for “free” when you
could get the same results within minutes by spending as little $5 in
some cases.
Yes, you heard me right. Sometimes I’ll spend a measly $5 and get
targeted traffic instantly that may lead to subscribers to my list, or
sometimes may even lead to instant sales depending upon the offer I’m
Are you ready to become a paid traffic generation expert?
Get Traffic Now
I don’t know about you, but I love fast results. In order to get fast
results, it’s important to take fast action. So, I’m not going to waste
anytime telling you stories of how much traffic I was able to generate,
or how much money you can make, I would rather just show you how
you can start getting results now.
So, in this chapter I’m going to reveal my favorite paid traffic sources
and how you can use them to start driving traffic to your sites in offers
within the next 24 hours.
Facebook Ads
If you don’t mind, I would like to start with my favorite paid traffic
generation platform of all-time. The one and only, Facebook advertising
Look, if you want fast, affordable, and high quality traffic, then
Facebook is all you really need. I personally, spend most of my
advertising budget on Facebook advertising. Once I explain how
Facebook advertising works, I’m sure you will see why I’m such a big
First and foremost, Facebook’s advertising platform allows you to get
high quality traffic starting with a budget of $5 a day. So, having a
limited budget is no excuse to get involved with Facebook.
Once you setup an advertising campaign with Facebook, you will
receive feedback on how well your ad(s) are doing, and you will be able
to get specific information that will allow you to optimize your
campaigns for even better results.
For example, you can see what age groups respond to your ads more.
You can see, how much a click to your website or fan page costs, and
you can see the click-through-rate. Those are just a few of the different
reports you can utilize to help you get the most bang for your buck.
You also have a variety of advertising options.

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