Bedros Keuillian - Fitness Business Summit 2007

Bedros Keuillian – Fitness Business Summit 2007

You won’t see these “Heavy Hitting” fitness experts speaking anywhere else…
“Here’s How You Can Get Private Access To Ten Of The Highest Income Producing Fitness Professionals In The Entire Country For Three Full Days… And Learn All Of Their Client Attracting, Income Multiplying, And Profit Exploding Secrets That Will Put Your Competition Out Of Business As You Sky Rocket Your Way To Fitness Fortune!”

Bedros Keuilian
They Would Have Preferred To Fly Low Under The Radar Quietly Making Their Six and Seven Figures… But (with a little persuasion), They All Agreed To Come Together In One Place For This One Time Only Event…
From: Bedros Keuilian
Saturday March 8, 2014
Chino Hills, CA

Dear Success-Minded Fitness Professional,

Have you ever wondered how it is that some fitness professionals make 500%, 700% even 1000% more profits than you?

Are they 500% better trainers?

Are they 700% better educated?

Or do they simply know a few “closely guarded” secrets that allow them to dominate the industry while making their six and seven figure incomes?


Back in 1995, I wondered the very same thing. How was it that some trainers were making so much more than me? While I was forced to hold a “day job” just to make ends meet!

You see, at that point in my life I had been certified for over two years and still had to hang onto my day job (at Disneyland of all places) just to make my bills. And when the holidays came around, I was the guy working the door at the local night club for some extra cash.

Just thinking back on those days ties a knot in my stomach.

Now, I don’t know if you can relate to my experience in any way or not, but I can tell you that I’m thankful that those days are f-a-r behind me…

…and that’s exactly why I’m writing you this message today.

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