Five Steps to Conquer Death by PowerPoint

Five Steps to Conquer Death by PowerPoint

If you’re looking for a book on design techniques to make your slides look pretty, this book is not for you.

However, if you’re looking for a way to generate better outcomes from your presentations because you have a burning desire to learn how to communicate more effectively, this book is exactly what you’ve been seeking.

“An excellent book on communications that covers a wide range of communication topics. What sets this book apart is that it is founded on solid academic research. It is also clearly written and presented, making it a great book for students and practitioners alike.”
–David Straker, Changing Minds

“While reading the book, I was riveted by the content. Eric provides straight-forward advice to presenting ideas effectively. This book is well worth reading.”
–Glenn Ives, Chair, Deloitte & Touche LLP

“Although ‘Death By PowerPoint’ wasn’t written with sales people in mind, anyone who sells a product or service could benefit from the advice offered in this practical book.”
— Kelley Robertson, Fearless Selling

If you’re a sales executive looking to enhance results from the sales presentations delivered by your team, you need to purchase copies of this book before your competitors do. Likewise, if delivering slide-driven presentations gives you comfort as a salesperson, please feel free to continue. But you should also pray that your competitors aren’t implementing the presentation strategies in this book.

“The strong research base that underpins this book provides reassurance that the recommended techniques have been tested and actually do work in a variety of contexts. Eric Bergman’s techniques are a window to the future of this important human activity.”
–John Sweller, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Education, University of New South Wales

“One thing I particularly liked about the book was Bergman’s assertion that audiences should take some responsibility in this epidemic by demanding better presentations. To this end, he includes an ‘Audience Manifesto’ in the final chapter with recommendations on how to communicate it and a downloadable poster at”
— Kathy Reiffenstein, Professionally Speaking

“5 Steps to Conquer ‘Death by PowerPoint’ tackles our obsession with popular slideware programs head on while providing an easy-to-follow framework for presentations that inform and influence.”
–Judy Snow, Professional Communicator

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