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Learn How to Trade Online Introduction Free WebinarAs the name suggests the Trading Foundation Programme provides you with a solid understanding of what is required to trade the markets while avoiding the common mistakes made by most traders that result in losses. It also gives you a unique inside view as to how the market works and where your money goes so that you have a clear understanding of your trading environment. The 4 week, 10 X 1 hour interactive course is delivered live where students can ask questions and recordings of all modules are also provided.
Lesson 1: An Introduction to the Main Market Participants:
This lesson introduces the most commonly traded instruments, who is trading and what is tradable from the individual’s perspective.
Lesson 2: Leverage, Margin & all the Jargon
One of the biggest pitfalls for new traders is over trading. Here we explore the use of leverage i.e. being able to use a small amount of money to take large stakes in the market. All of the unnecessary jargon is simplified and clear demonstrations are provided to work out trade sizes and individual trade risk relevant to markets being traded.
Lesson 3: Market Analysis
The three main forms of market analysis are evaluated. Fundamental Analysis is a very profitable way to trade the markets but takes a huge amount of knowledge to give any individual trader a “competitive edge”. Market sentiment through chart analysis can highlight clear “risk-on” versus “risk-off” conditions. Technical price action techniques are also introduced and its merits versus other forms of market analysis. An online interactive quiz is also introduced at this juncture to ensure participants are fully up to speed.
Lesson 4: Candlestick Charts and Pattern Formations
Technical Analysis is all about seeing, accepting and trading. This is trading what is in front of you not what you or a pundit predicts. An introduction to price action, reading candlestick charts, dojis, engulfing pattern formations and counter retail trading are covered in this valuable lesson.
Lesson 5: Technical Channel & Trend Trading Techniques
The previous lesson is expanded to develop technical channel and trend trading techniques highlighting breakouts, support and resistance, with counter retail strategic entry and exit techniques for each trade made.
Lesson 6: Order Flow, Oscillators & Useful Technical Tools
Building on the previous technical lessons this session focuses on decending/ascending triangles, average directional movement, oscillators and Fibonacci retracements with a particular emphasis on counter-retail trading techniques that both avoid and exploit the mistakes that typical retail traders make.
Lesson 7: Setting up Your Practice Trading Platform
How to get access and configure a free practice Metatrader trading account with a broad range of instruments to trade and live data feeds. How to practically make basic trades, place orders, predefine stop losses & limits (take profit), modifying orders and the placing of technical indicators along with accessing independent news and audio feeds are also explained.
Lesson 8: Moving Averages and Counter Retail Trading
Building on the previous technical lessons this session focuses on moving averages, cross-overs, simple, exponential and correct order MAs with a closing synopsis on counter-retail trading techniques that both avoid and exploit the mistakes that typical retail traders make.
Lesson 9: Risk Management
This critical lesson highlights to the new trader how to understand capital preservation and risk management principles to ensure you can stay in the game even when the market moves against you.
Lesson 10: Psychology, Time Periods & Journaling
Creating the right mind-set to be a trader rather than a gambler. The preferred time periods to trade within and the all-important journaling of your trades according to your plan.

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