Frank Girard & Bob Bly – How to Succeed as an Independent Marketing Consultant

Frank Girard & Bob Bly – How to Succeed as an Independent Marketing Consultant

Dear Marketing Consultant (or Soon-to-be Consultant):

Stan Freiberg, a Madison Avenue creative guy from
the 60s, once wrote a comic song called “Everybody wants to be an art

His song parody lambasted the fact that — back in
those days – it seemed like everyone and his brother wanted to work in

Today, I could just as easily write a song titled “Everyone wants to be a marketing consultant.”

The Internet is flooded with programs, courses, and boot camps promising to make you into a marketing expert –

— in everything from branding and direct
marketing, to e-mail marketing and search engine optimization, to
pay-per-click advertising and PR.

But this isn’t a pitch for one of those programs.

I have no intention of – or desire to – sell you another “become a master marketer” program.

At least not today….

In fact, I’m going to assume that you’re already somewhat knowledgeable about marketing.

Maybe you even consider yourself something of a “marketing maven” – and, in fact, are precisely that.

But, I’m also guessing that after getting all hyped up about this field called “marketing” …

… and investing hundreds of hours … and thousands of dollars … buying and studying various how-to marketing products….

You’re now asking yourself: “How can I take my marketing expertise and make money from it?”

If you have a product you want to sell, then obviously, one way is to start a small business marketing that product.

But what if you don’t have a product?

What if you don’t want to start a company … have
employees … rent office space … calculate payroll taxes … manage
inventory … and be burdened with the endless details of running a

Yet … you still want to make money – a lot of money – from your marketing knowledge.

Then you might want to do what I did and….

Become an independent marketing consultant!

In 1982, I held a junior management position as an
advertising manager with an engineering firm – with a salary of $27,000 a

When my boss asked me to relocate, I quit.

Not that enamored of finding another job, I decided
to try and make money as a freelance “marketing consultant” – advising
manufacturers on their marketing, and writing their brochures and ad

The first year was a little shaky, although by the end of the year, I had made $39,000 … about $12,000 more than my salary.

But the next year, I did much better, making around $80,000.

My third year, I hit the $100,000 mark … and my
income has gone up steadily ever since: last year, my one-person
consulting business earned $672,282.

And let me tell you: it’s enormously fun!

Unlike my corporate job, where I had to do whatever
my boss asked me to do – and handle a thousand niggling little
administrative tasks – in my consulting practice, I get to work only on
projects that interest me.

And as an independent marketing consultant, I’m the
“idea man.” I come up with the creative solutions. But other people –
the client’s staff – has to handle the implementation … and that’s the
part that always bored me to tears.

Best of all, with the explosion of awareness and
interest in marketing, today the opportunities for marketing consultants
are greater than ever.

Thomas Edison once said, “We don’t know
one-millionth of one percent about anything.” Your clients only have
time to learn their business. When they need specialized skills and
knowledge outside their field – like marketing — they turn to
consultants, like you.

Discover what it takes to make $100,000 …
$150,000 … even $250,000 or more as a
freelance marketing consultant

You know marketing.

But what you may not know are the methods,
techniques, and tricks for starting … and running … a successful
practice as an independent marketing consultant.

Not to worry. My fellow marketing consultant, Frank
Girard, and I have just written a new start-up manual to help you turn
your marketing knowledge into a handsome freelance living.

Now, in our comprehensive guide How to Succeed as an Independent Marketing Consultant, we show you everything you need to know to succeed.


Easy way to position yourself as a top guru or expert in your field … with nothing more than your PC. Page 50.
12 reasons why becoming an independent marketing consultant may
just be the best job in the world … and 5 reasons why demand for
marketing advice has never been stronger. Page 3.
How to set your hourly billing rate for consulting services. Page 39.
Which type of client is best to work with – small businesses or large corporations – and why? Page 7.
Frank Girard’s famous “certified dinosaur bone enclosed” letter
for generating leads for his consulting services. It got so much
attention, it was even featured on television! Page 47.
6 things your clients are looking to achieve when they hire you as their marketing consultant. Page 5.
Must a marketing consultant have a working knowledge of all
aspects of marketing … or should you specialize in one narrow
marketing discipline or technique? Page 9.
At $5,000 an hour, Jay Abraham is perhaps the highest paid
marketing consultant on the planet. Now you can get clients to hire you
as their marketing consultant using Jay’s “endorsement marketing”
technique. Frank Girard got a $20,000 consulting assignment the very
first time he used it! Page 43.
How to get all the clients you need – without spending a single dollar on advertising. Page 45.
55 questions you must ask your client when conducting a
“marketing audit.” Work? Not much. And it leads to consulting success.
Page 14.
Should you make cold calls to get new consulting clients who need your marketing advice? Page 85.
How the lottery can make you a rich and successful marketing consultant – without gambling. Page 49.
What’s the best way to charge for marketing consulting services
– hourly, daily, flat project fee, or percentage of increased sales or
profits? Page 37.
10 skills you need to develop or master to be a successful marketing consultant. Page 6.
Should you work with local clients … national clients … or market your consulting services globally? Page 10.
16 marketing disciplines in which clients urgently need help from consultants like you. Page 6.
Want a flood of new leads and sales? Create and mail a simple postcard just like this one. Page 80.
7 ways to ensure that clients are satisfied – even thrilled – with your marketing advice and consultations. Page 111.
The client needs marketing help but isn’t sure what they want.
Here’s the start-up consulting package you should sell them. Page 11.
4 steps to writing better consulting reports for your clients. Page 19.
How to create a “strategic marketing plan” that will absolutely
knock the client’s socks off … and get them to hire you as their
regular marketing advisor. Page 22.
17 ways to make money as a marketing consultant by giving seminars, workshops, tele-seminars, and Webinars. Starts on page 52.


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