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Frank Kern - Mass Control Giveaway

Frank Kern – Mass Control Giveaway

This is from the instantly sold out AUG 15th Mass Control giveaway, it does NOT contain the seminar that is already posted on the site, it is 3 DVDs from Frank Kern Aug 2008 monthly release

Core Influence DVD
Look Over My Shoulder DVD
Aug 2008 Mass Control Monthly DVD
In just about 4 hours you will receive emails from probably about every single Internet Marketer online. 😛

If they haven’t already… they will all tell to get Frank Kern’s Mass Control Giveaway for free… just by paying the $17.95 shipping and handling cost.

You might be wondering… what’s in it for them? For Frank as well as his affiliates?

Well, of course there is a continuity program in place and by ordering Frank’s Mass Control Giveaway, you are also subscribing to the continuity program at $297.00 per month… and a third out of that are the commissions all of us affiliate marketers rely upon.

Don’t get me wrong… I am not saying that what Frank is offering is not worth it, but I wanted you to be 100% aware of it.

Earlier this year I bought his $1,997 Mass Control home study course and that was well worth my investment.

Frank opens up his site at 5 am our local time here in Sydney, Australia (12 noon Pacific time) and I plan to get a copy myself before Frank’s 2,000 copies sell out.

If you have plans to grab a copy yourself, feel free to use my super secret ninja affiliate link … if you don’t – no worries. 🙂

Oh, before I forget… at least check out the 4 videos Frank released for free… when I last went to the page, Frank had links to them at the bottom of the page. Check them out… they are awesome!

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success

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