Frank Kern – Mass Control Promos – Module 2

I’d like to give you something very, very special!
The Survey Siphon training you just ordered was originally part of a course called “Mass Control Promos?
It sold for $997..00 and it was purchased by people all over the world …in over 23 countries.
The original training had eight total campaigns  …and all of them were just as powerful as the Survey Siphon.

And right now, I’d like to give you access to the entire Mass Control Promos course for just one additional payment of $112.
That’s almost 80% off.
Assuming you could even purchase the entire training elsewhere.
(It was only offered to a very select group of long-term customers, and then promptly taken off the market.)
And you might be wondering if it’s so great, why would I offer it for almost 80% off?
The reason why is two fold.
First, you’ll never see this offer again.
It’s literally a one time offer, just for those who purchased the discounted Survey Siphon training.
Second, this is a test.
I’m testing the effect of a deep discount offer in a “one click upsell?environment so I can share my finding with my consulting clients.
So because of this test, you’re able to get an extremely valuable, rare, and sought after series of wildly successful marketing campaigns  …

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