Free Sessions that Sell 7.0 - Christian Mickelsen

Free Sessions that Sell 7.0 – Christian Mickelsen

“Right Here Are The Products,

Programs, & Live Events That Will Help You Create Fantastic Success In Professional Coaching”

On this page is everything you need to grow a thriving coaching business to 6 figures and beyond, even if you’re just starting from scratch!

Dear Coach,

I’ve been involved in coaching for over 9 years. I started out as a client. Everything in my life was a mess. I had a business that was really just a money pit. I worked at a job that I hated just to make money and get by until my business took off. I was out of shape. I was in a dysfunctional relationship, and I didn’t know what to do to turn things around.

I found out about coaching and I hired a coach. 9 months later I was earning enough money in my business to support myself. I quit my job, ended the relationship, and got back into shape.

Eventually, I decided to try out being a coach. I had a lot of doubts about whether I should do it, could do it, and if I would be good at it. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try. It was tough because I had invested a lot of money into my other business and I was $72K in debt! But, I went for it.

Over the years I had a lot of ups and downs learning everything about coaching. How to get clients, how to help them succeed, and how to grow my business into an “empire”. It took me a lot of years, a lot of hard work, and a lot of trial and error to figure all of this stuff out.

Now, I’m sharing all of my knowledge and “know how” with other people that are already coaches, that want to become coaches, or that are just exploring the idea. And…

I’m very happy to say that people are doing very well with everything they’re learning! I’ve poured my heart and soul into every single program and they’re all 100% guaranteed to make you happy and help you grow a thriving coaching business… even if you’re just starting from scratch!


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