Fuck It Do It Live - Colin Theriot

 Fuck It Do It Live – Colin Theriot

Boy – been a while since I updated this blog, huh? Here’s what I’ve been up to lately, in case anyone reading this wasn’t aware.

I’ve been spending a LOT of time on Facebook, so I started a discussion group there that I called “The Cult of Copy“. (It’s free if you want to come by and join us.)

If you’ve seen the sort of stuff I’ve talked about here, or on my show, you know what sort of stuff will be there: practical looks at the “dark side” of persuasion, and how to use them ethiclly and effectively for our marketing.

Anyways, I started it just 6 months ago, and I’ve already got over 1300 members, including many well known pro copywriters that I look up to myself. And many skilled and experienced peers and colleagues, and a whole bunch of hopeful beginners with raw talent.

Inside that group, I’ve been doing training, coaching, mentoring, and just general discussion, and there’s a TON of content posted and shared by all the other members too.

I’d love to have you if you want to come by and check us out.

And hey, super sorry it took this long to mention it to you. Come on over to the Cult of Copy and yell at me about it if you’re mad.
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