Gary Dayton – 3-10 Momentum Oscillator

Gary Dayton –  3-10 Momentum Oscillator

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course-tradesetups-3-10The best approaches to trading are often the simple ones, and this is true with indicators as well.  The 3-10 Momentum Oscillator is a simple indicator.  Despite its simplicity, it is one of the very best indicators a trader can use for trading.  However, it is knowing how to use this toolthat will make all the difference. And this is what this training webinar is all about: teaching you in-depth how to use the 3-10 Momentum Oscillator to increase your chance of winning trades.

The 3-10 Momentum Oscillator can frequently pick up tradable patterns long before we can see them unfold on the chart.  It also serves as a useful support tool for those learning to read the market by its own actions.

In this training webinar, Dr. Gary will show you how to use this simple momentum oscillator he uses in his trades.  Like all of Dr. Gary’s webinars, this one goes into great depth on how to use this simple tool.  You will learn all the details and nuances that Dr. Gary has learned for over 10 years of using this highly effective technical instrument.  Dr. Gary will also share with you the trade setups based on this indicator, complete with setup, entry, and exit details.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How the indicator is constructed
  • What each of the indicator elements tells the trader
  • How to see the all-important new momentum come into the market
  • How to read loss of momentum and what it likely means
  • How to use this oscillator in multiple time frame scenarios to increase your success
  • A quick and accurate way to assess higher time frame momentum/loss of momentum on only one time frame
  • When divergence is likely to produce a winning trade and when it is not (if you have had difficulty trading divergence in the past, this will be of great help)
  • How to use the little-known method of applying divergence between the oscillator and the price waves or swings for excellent trade entry
  • The best charts and time frames on which to use this indicator
  • How to combine market structure with this indicator for a better understanding of when the market is about to take off
  • How to combine this oscillator with another simple indicator for maximum effect
  • How to know when the indicator is about to turn, giving you an ‘early warning’ and edge in the market
  • Several key trade setups explained in detail that you can immediately use
  • A copy of the TradeStation plugin or Ninja Trader plug in.  It is simple so should be fairly easy to develop for your software.  The indicator is quiet powerful so it is worth using it

This is a complete and in-depth teaching of how to use the 3-10 Momentum Oscillator.  When you know how to use it, you will have an excellent indicator in your trading tool box.  More than just having a useful indicator, you will learn the correct situations when to apply it.  This is the value you will learn nowhere else.

“I watched the 3 10 course today and just wanted to thank you for putting together such a great course. I’ve taken two trades today. I got the spring on the emini just before the ISM numbers came out. Nice and fast 4 points. Earlier, I got a text book spring setup on the 500 tick AD chart with a very nice 3-10 setup. Easy money! Thanks again Gary. The 3-10 and the Weis Wave are a match made in heaven.”
Chris from Australia
“I’ve watched the webinar 3 times and checked out the bonus emails 2-3 times….lots of study and hard work for me to get a feel for the momentum oscillator- I’ve never really used an oscillator properly before. The webinar is great- just what I was looking for. After the bonus emails, my learning and knowledge deepens. This is a wonderful tool, if, as you say, one knows how to use it. I’m seeing how swopping between LTF and HTF is critical particularly with complex pullbacks and if volatility shows up on the LTF. LTF setups appear early in the trend (first LL or HH and first trend trade perhaps) then the HTF (as the 16 line turns and moves thru the zero line) as well as the LTF will give signals. I assume once competent using the oscillator, when combined with structure, price bars and the Weis Wave, there should be no excuses!”
Dean from New Zealand

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