Gary Dayton – Practice Mindfulness

Gary Dayton –  Practice Mindfulness

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In this video tutorial, Dr. Gary teaches traders how cutting edge psychology offers some new answers to erratic trading, how the practice of mindfulness can help you develop your trading psychology edge, and how traders like yourself can build mindfulness skills. You will learn the following:

  • How and why traders learn to fear the market
  • What really drives erratic trading behaviors such as failure to pull the trigger, over trading, taking trades without a plan, cutting winners short, and letting losers run
  • Why the common attempts of controlling thoughts and feelings fail to work
  • How cutting edge psychology offers new ways of thinking that traders can adopt
  • What mindfulness is and how the practice of mindfulness can help traders make better decisions, reduce stress, and overcome erratic trading
  • How mindfulness can help with concentration, attention, and seeing the market more clearly for better trades
  • How traders can build mindfulness skills

Dr. Gary offers in depth guidelines you can follow to build mindfulness skills, including two guided mindfullness skill builders/exercises designed specifically for traders you can use every day to improve your focus and concentration. The guided exercises are 10 min and 17 min each, in MP3 format that you can download to your computer.

In addition, Dr. Gary provides a model you can use to develop a more flexible trading response to the market. Many traders working with Dr. Gary use this model and have found it quite helpful to their trading.

Bring yourself to the next level with Dr. Gary’s Practice Mindfulness to Overcome Erratic Trading.

If you are suffering from:

  • Failing to pull the trigger
  • Over trading
  • Cutting winners short
  • Letting losers run

Check out Dr. Gary’s new video tutorial where he teaches you cutting edge psychology of the practice of mindfulness to overcome erratic trading. You will learn what drives erratic trading, how you can adopt new ways of thinking, and how the practice of mindfulness can help you improve focus and concentration to see the market more clearly.

“If you understand the dynamics of emotions which drive your actions in the market, you can put them in their proper perspective. Your webinar gives insight about proper perspective. I used the material the next day to place a major position in the market for my client accounts. I bought a share in an acculumation where news flows were negative. The share failed to go down on extremely bad news and in fact went up marginally. I was a bit afraid to place the trade but the facts spoke otherwise so I did it anyway… I would highly recommend this webinar to other investors/traders because without understanding of emotions and how they affect your actions, you will be a loser no matter how much your know about technical analysis/Wyckoff or fundamental analysis.”
Bill Wermine, Fund Manager from Malaysia

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