Gary Halbert – How To Write Salesletter That Will Make You Rich

Gary Halbert – How To Write Salesletter That Will Make You Rich

Name Product: Gary Halbert – How To Write Salesletter That Will Make You Rich
Author: Gary Halbert
Size: 882 MB

How To Make 100% Certain You Make An Enormous Amount Of “Serious” Money In 2005!

Here’s a summary of just a small part of the important data I delivered:

*      This time, I truly spilled my guts! For the first time in my career, I  revealed everything I know about how to write “killer” sales letters. Including, all my special “dirty tricks” that don’t give other copywriters even a chance… when… they’re up against me!I taught them… what to write about… and… how to write it. I taught them the exact words to use!
*      I taught them how to write brilliant copy… even on those days… when their minds are frozen!
*     I taught them exactly what “theme” they should take with different kinds of sales letters!
*      I gave them a “masterpiece collection” of 57 sales letters… already written and tested… that have already been mailed and have already pulled in millions of dollars!
*      Do you have any idea what a collection of “masterpiece letters” like this is worth? A real, no-bullshit collection of “killer” letters that have made copywriters rich? You won’t ever get a collection of letters like this from anyone else. These are letters anybody can “modify” to work for any mailing campaign in the entire world!
*      I taught the attendees how to write a sales letter to get themselves a woman. A new job. A new client. To jump-start a new business. To sell their house. To “steal” a valuable employee from another company. In short, I taught all of them how to write a sales letter… that… would get them anything they wanted!
*      I explained how to get hundreds of glowing (and true) testimonials from all of their customers for free… and exactly… what to do with them to generate bigger profits!
*      I taught them how to write copy so it “talks-the-talk” of any group of people to whom they write a sales message. This secret weapon will make even the most skeptical of prospects… stand in line and beg the person who wrote the letter to take their money!
*      A weird (but effective) way to find the mailing lists that are perfect for your campaigns… and… how to test those lists… without mailing a single letter!
*      A truly “no brainer” (yet almost always overlooked) way to “bump up” the size of your average order by 112% or more… automatically!
*      The exact words you should use to write a money-back guarantee that… increases sales… and… reduces refunds!
*      A “can’t miss” way to get cash-rich investors to bankroll your projects… at zero interest!
*      How to immediately find and qualify that special “core group” of people who will be the best customers you will ever have! (It seems nobody but me knows it… but… there is always what I call the “list-hidden-in-the-list” which is made up of people who are… starving to buy what you are selling!)
*      A simple way to identify those special mailing lists that almost can’t fail to make a profit! (This is so simple, even someone “braindead” could do it.)
*      What kind of music you should always have playing when you are working… and… what exact volume it should be. NOTE:  This will improve the quality of your writing by 9%!
*      What exact temperature the room where you are writing must be. This will give you another edge! (A 7% edge to be exact.)
*      Exactly what you must eat (on days when you are writing)… and… exactly when you should eat it! (Another 4% edge.)
*      The amazing secret of how to make compiled lists work. These are the biggest lists of all (some of them have 160 million names)… and… when you learn this, your profit potential will expand almost beyond belief!
*      How to create your very own super hot mailing list for spare change… and why… this could turn into your hottest profit center ever!

Listen up: I taught the attendees each one of those secrets… and… MUCH MORE!

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