Genius Code Mindfest - Learning Strategies

Genius Code Mindfest – Learning Strategies

presented by Learning Strategies
hosted by Paul Scheele and Win Wenger

You are brighter, sharper, and smarter than you think!

Improve all aspects of your mental ability including memory, quickness, IQ, and learning capacity.
You’ll be amazed at how fast you can think and how quickly you generate so many great ideas.

Crack your personal Genius Code

Dear Friend,
Your brain steadily streams images, thoughts, and impressions—which are seemingly random—yet…
…they contain brilliant insights and innovative solutions
…they lead to rapid learning and super brain power

Thanks to the Genius Code Mindfest you can:

Unleash brilliant insights, solutions, and ideas

bubbling deep in your mind

You have the capability to use your mind in the same way as some of the world’s greatest thinkers… people like Einstein, Edison, Galileo, and da Vinci. During the free Genius Code Mindfest you can improve your performance in virtually all aspects of mental ability, including—but not limited to—memory, quickness, IQ, and learning capacity by daydreaming… with a twist.

Mind development pioneer Win Wenger, Ph.D.’s research shows that the exceptional achievements of famous thinkers are the result of mental conditioning. He can guide you to “condition” your own mind in the same way through a simple process called “Image Streaming.” With Image Streaming, you tap into the unending flow of images and thoughts that flow from your mind. Just wait until you try it!

Crack your personal “Genius Code” and genius is automatic!

From the first session of the Genius Code Mindfest you will find it infinitely easier to:
• Achieve your goals using your own immense support.
• Attain absolute self-confidence in all you do.
• Solve any personal or professional problem with startling creativity.
• Accelerate the speed of learning anything.
• Make your sixth sense as available and expedient as your other five senses.
• Experience every moment as perfectly rewarding.

Expect BIG things from the Genius Code Mindfest

• Get solutions to problems from your super inventive inner mind before your conscious mind has a chance to filter
and discard them. Ideas will be popping into your head within one to ten minutes of posing the question.
• Stimulate mighty bursts of creativity to think outside of the box beyond previously held limitations. This is like seeing
a spectacular fireworks display instead of the usual single firecracker.
• Outfox your conscious mind that often works to sabotage and restrict your efforts.
• Get into the heads of experts in any field you want and actually view your situation from their perspective.
Mind-boggling, but one of the most eye-opening experiences you’ll have. You’ll see your problem or situation from the
perspective of someone who has already mastered it!
• Learn any skill by PhotoReading books at 25,000 words per minute. You can read a book and try to apply what you can
learn, or you can elicit your powerful inner mind to automatically take on the skill.
• Clear inner communication channels to heighten intuition and make your intuition easier to trust.
• Tune into the world around you with the amazing accuracy of a gifted psychic.

The difference you will experience can be as dramatic as getting into a closed car on a sweltering 102º day and then turning on the air conditioner. When you condition your brain, the world changes instantly and immediately. I know, because I’ve been Image Streaming since I met Win in 1991. We even use Image Streaming sessions with our staff to help guide our work here at Learning Strategies.

Win Wenger teamed up with learning expert and Learning Strategies co-founder, Paul Scheele, to create the powerful, professionally produced, home study course called Genius Code. Tens of thousands have paid upwards of $234 for this course that you now have free access to during the Genius Code Mindfest.

You will listen to step-by-step audio sessions that give you everything you need for blasting open a secret passageway to the dynamic resources of your brain. Genius Code Mindfest will be a fun and exciting audio experience for you, ripe with unlimited possibilities. During the sessions Win will help you discover your Image Stream, and Paul will help you figure out what it all means. With those two brilliant minds working for you, you get practical, useful benefits that can impact your life day in and day out.

Fun, fast and lasting results

The Genius Code Mindfest includes keen mental exercises with names such as “Threshholding,” “Over the Wall,” “Hidden Question,” “High Think Tank,” “Psi-Pothesis,” “Borrowed Genius,” “Advanced Civilization,” and “Direct Learning.” Each gives you something different that requires just minutes to generate striking results.

You only have to do an exercise a few times—right along during the Genius Code Mindfest —to receive automatic and permanent value. This is not like the eternal work of building muscles that require pumping iron three times a week forever. The only time you will need to revisit the exercises is when you need especially sharp insights for challenges that crop up in your life. Otherwise, you just sit back and reap benefits, just like me.

Move into a new realm of learning from your vast nonconscious mind. You are brighter than you think!

Here are the audio sessions for the Genius Code Mindfest:

Receiving Information from Your Inner Genius
Win Wenger: Image-Streaming
Paul Scheele:Receiving Information from your Inner Genius
Discover the “Image Stream” of your nonconscious mind. Bridge brain resources and open channels to increased intelligence. Begin receiving key information from your inner genius. Begin learning your personal Genius Code for decoding key (encrypted) information from the Image Stream. You will also be able to listen to the Genius Code Paraliminal to prime your mind. It will help you absorb and use the information you gain during the Genius Code Mindfest.

Leaping Over-the-Wall
Win Wenger: Leaping Over the Wall
Plus Genius Code Paraliminal
“Over-the-Wall” is an amazing technique for using the Image Stream to solve problems. By employing the elements of speed and surprise, you outrun the “editor” function of the conscious mind to receive out-of-the-box solutions.

Activate Your Genius
Paul Scheele: Activate Your Genius
Today you will further clarify the personal access code to your genius and gain meaning from the rich Image Stream that comes in response to specific questions. You will also strengthen the connection to your genius through better use of the three nervous systems: central, autonomic, and somatic. And you will develop increased skills for resonating with other people’s brilliant ideas, insights, and creative processes.

PhotoReading, Direct Learning, and High Think Tank
Paul Scheele and Win Wenger: PhotoReading Direct Learning and High Think Tank
Today you will learn “PhotoReading” and “Direct Learning” to download the brilliant work of others and have it automatically increase the quality of your thinking, feeling, and behavior. You will use the “High Think Tank” technique to get the noise out of the communication lines between the conscious and the inner genius. This will help improve problem solving while increasing intuitive and creative insights.

Near-psychic Abilities and Dreaming for Solutions
Paul Scheele: Near Psychic Abilities and Dreaming for Solutions
Plus Dream Play Paraliminal
With the “Psi Hypothesis” technique you will examine provocative “near-psychic” abilities available to anyone through the use of the inner genius. This sessions debunks myths of “extra” sensory perception and prepares you to discover quick access to beyond-conscious resources within. You will also explore ways of connecting to the Image Stream during sleep states and using dreaming as a means to get creative insights and to solve problems. Before bedtime, listen to the Dream Play Paraliminal.

Borrowed Genius and Advanced Civilization Toolbuilder
Win Wenger and Paul Scheele: Borrowed Genius and Advanced Civilization Toolbuilder
Today you will use the “Borrowed Genius” technique to open vast channels of insight and communication with your inner genius through the technique of “putting on the head” of a master in any field. Then you will explore the “Advanced Civilization Toolbuilder” to generate an endless supply of creative problem-solving techniques by imagining a space/time transporter and visiting an advanced future civilization that has already worked out the problems faced today.

Previous Endorsements
“I went from driving trucks to managing a crew of 42 people and a multimillion-dollar budget. In the course of my employment, I was asked to return to school. The limit of my education was two semesters of college courses back in 1974. Now I am enrolled in an accelerated course in Business Administration, and my grade average is 3.85. My area in the city is the only one out of four areas that has remained in the black or very close to it for the last three years (the time that I have been in charge). Genius Code has helped me to think outside the box and stay proactive in my approach to business.” – Martin Furmanek, Charlotte, North Carolina

“My dreams have become actual instruction manuals of what I need to do to succeed. I have been given answers to problems that have been holding me back. My inner mind has prompted me to take action at the right moment that has had great payoff. I have instantaneously ‘acquired’ new behaviors simply from the PhotoReading exercises laid out in the course. I have been able to absorb information like a sponge. This is by far one of the most incredible ‘learning’ programs I have ever come across. I say ‘learning,’ because it really doesn’t require much study. You just follow the instructions and you have an automatic understanding of the information. Keep up the great work.” – Derek Foley

“Genius Code stirred up my stagnant potential, and I’m back doing the things I used to enjoy doing like crocheting and gardening. Now, I can make blankets for my family and make profit on my cultured orchids. Also, my interest in life is so high. Genius Code automatically improved my procrastination. Thank you very much.” – Eve M. Cantos, Signal Hill, California

“Genius Code is heightening my awareness of both subconscious patterns and dreaming, and ‘image streaming’ has increased possibilities in my life. What is really amazing me is an opening of my musical ability and expanding use of languages. For example, I started playing guitar in my dreams and have woken up the last three mornings eager to pick up a guitar and try playing. It works! I am surprised at how this is happening—this is sound coming out of vision. I have just begun studying three new languages and am amazed at how flexible I am becoming. I am enjoying the process thoroughly.” – Annette Swanton, San Diego, California



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