Gill Media - Google Adwords Training Course 2012

[center][b]Gill Media – Google Adwords Training Course 2012[/b][/center]

Week 1 Topics

Introduction To Search – How search works and how it applies to Adwords
Psychology of your buyer – This will save you money and improve conversion
How Google Adwords Works – A full understanding of what the dynamics are that make up your Adwords campaign
The Components of Your Campaign – They all influence each other – Keywords to Ads, Ads to Groups, Landing Pages to Copy – all play a factor on conversion, visibility of your advertisement, and your cost
Homework – Answer the questions that will lead to your account setup that is built with a strong customer focussed foundation
Q&A Call – Answer questions on this weeks lesson or setup questions

Week 2 Topics

Account Setup – With homework completed – you’ll watch over our screen how to setup and configure your Adwords account properly
Keyword Research – How to find the keywords your ideal clients are searching to find you
Ad Groups – Creating Ad Groups that increase quality scores, reduce cost per clicks, and improve click through rate potential
Text advertisements – Copy that converts, and reduces cost per click
Homework – Creation of your campaigns
Q&A Call – Answer questions on this weeks lesson or any prior week challenges

Week 3 Topics

Display Advertising – What to expect and how to maximize results
Remarketing Campaigns – How to laser target your potential client and be seen wherever they go on the web…this can often double your conversion rates
Homework – Expand your campaigns to put real muscle behind your advertising
Q&A Call – Answer questions on this weeks lesson or any prior week challenges
Week 4 Topics

Reports – How to interpret the reports and make smart changes to improve Click Through Rate, Conversions, Budget Performance and Cost Per Click
Adwords Editor – How to use this desktop tool to manage your campaigns with ease
System – A blueprint for creating, managing, and improving your Adwords Campaign ~ This systematized process is what you will use as a checklist going forward
Q&A Call – Questions on any challenge, or topic covered in the course


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