Gleen Dietzel New Stealth Guru Model

Gleen Dietzel New Stealth Guru Model


Stealth Guru Model
Always code your information positioned with you as the ‘standard’ of the market place.
Always code your information by knowing how to strategically position your competitive advantage
Always code your information around your t
arget market’s negative perception of what your
competition fails to do.
Always code your information using a rating system that stealthily showcases your competitors
deficiencies and failings …you must always expose your competitors’ weaknesses as you
Always code your information that allows your target market to interact with their problem in
such a way that instantly has them desiring your highest end programs and services as their
Always code your information in a way that prevents yo
ur competitors from knowing what you
are doing. This is the power of positioning your competitive advantage in a way that reveals
their weaknesses in the quickest way possible.
Always code your information using a questionnaire that instantly uses the powe
r of one of the
most powerful ways to assert yourself as the ‘Standard’

a business assessment instrument.
(Remember: Ever since you were born you have been assessed, and this is the single most
powerful way in which you have been shaped!


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