Glenn Livingston - Hyper-Responsive Marketing Secrets

Glenn Livingston – Hyper-Responsive Marketing Secrets

How Brand Archetypes Dominate a Category
This month we’ll continue Sharon’s review of “Brand Archetypes” with very specific examples in several sub-segments of the dog-products market. You’ll get to see how the winners in most markets-as documented by their PPC position & impression share-have the clearest and most consistent communication of an important brand archetype in the category. (This is the crowing jewel to seeing how you can implement this concept in your own marketing).

How to Charge What You’re Worth
(And How to Blow Away Social Media Experts in 15 Minutes a Day)

This month I wanted to change direction a little in order to cover a pivotal topic – charging what you’re worth for your products and services! Inevitably I find in the career path of everyone I’ve worked with there comes a time when to truly move forward, they have to face a kind of gut wrenching anxiety (dread) and take on a project which typically bills for 5 to 10 times what they’re used to making. Here’s how to get through it. (We’ll also talk about the latest and greatest practices for email, and Terry Dean will share with us his strategy for blowing away social media “experts” in just 15 minutes a day)


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