Global Movement Maker Summit 2013 hosted by Margaret Mills

Global Movement Maker Summit 2013 hosted by Margaret Mills

Global Movement Maker Summit
Learn strategies and skills to create results that matter
hosted by Margaret Mills

Get ACTIONABLE Strategies to Create Financial Freedom

and Make a Difference in the World!

Experts Reveal Their 3 Top Strategies So You Can Start Today To:
• Become a highly sought-after, highly-paid expert in your field
• Launch a new social venture using a sure fire 8-step formula
• Quickly build a list of clients eager to do business with you
• Accelerate profits by adding a social mission to your business
• Ride the wave of a new revolution that is transforming what products and services people are purchasing
and why they’re purchasing them
• Move from fearful to confident to profitable action in 5 simple steps
• Stop living in resignation and playing small by recognizing the invisible forces that hold you back
• Gain clarity, confirmation, and courage
• Become an influencer by learning the unspoken rule book they play by
• Get noticed and heard above the noise
• And…there is so much more…

Discover the 3 Core Components to create your own

Movement that Matters… Mission, Mindset and Message!

Meet the Speakers and check out their topics:
Fia-Lynn Crandall – 5 Simple Steps To Ignite Your Money-Attracting Confidence!
Gary Henson – 3 Golden Rules of Being an Entrepreneur
Dr. Joe Rubino – The Secret Ingredient to Create Ultimate Success and Manifest Your Dreams
CJ Hayden – How to Get Started with a Social Venture
Susan Harrow – 5 Steps to Getting on TV – and Skyrocket Your Career
Noah St John – Instantly Change Your Life Using a Simple Method He Discovered, Called AFFORMATIONS
Katrina Sawa – #1 Key to Finally PROFITING From Your Social Media Marketing Efforts!
Ronda Wada – Take Your Soul to Work: How to Create More Purpose and Meaning in Your Career or Business
Norma T. Hollis – Cash in on Your Authentic Voice
Karen Evelyn – Free yourself from 9-5! Avoid the 2 Traps that Keep Workshop Leaders Drained in a 9-5 Job,
Instead of Quickly Exceeding their Income with a Thriving Workshop Business!
Anne Presuel – The Divine Entrepreneur’s #1 Rule: Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow
Michele Blood – Enlightenment for a World of Truth
Tracy Repchuk – 5 Steps to Attract More Leads, Get More Clients and Make More Sales
Lynan Saperstein – Be a Trailblazer: Change the World!
Debbi Dachinger – Pillars to a Platinum Life
Kathleen Hanagan – Business As A Path of Love: Answering The Call To Offer Your Great Work
Cynthia Kersey – Unstoppable Giving
Derek Rydall – AWAKENED WEALTH: The STRANGE System for Rapid Success In Any Area — Even When
Everything Is Against You! (Hint: it’s exactly the opposite of what almost everyone is teaching)
Toni LaMotta – What You REALLY Want, Wants You
Sarah McLean – Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation
Teresa de Grosbois – Mastering Influence – How to Become a Sought-After, Highly-Paid Expert In Your Field
Cari Murphy – Developing an Irresistibly Magnetic Presence!
Sally Anderson – If You Are Going To Invest Money Into CHANGE, Lets Make Sure It’s Sustainable –
both Personally and Professionally! It’s One Thing To Stand For A Global Vision, Its Another Thing To Know How To Sustain It!
Shel Horowitz – Making Green Sexy: How to Craft Message Points to Reach Green AND Nongreen Audiences
Marie Diamond – Fearless Living
Eric Altman – The Heart Field Transmitter
Tori Hartman – Multi-Generational Healing
Robert Pease – Activating Your Destiny – Power Behind Everything
Mary Shackelford – From Feeling Selfish to living SelFUL: Discovering the Magic of Self-Care

About your host Margaret Mills
Margaret Mills is the founder of Global Movement Makers, whose mission is to create a tsunami of transformation in the world. Margaret is on a mission to unleash the global movement lying dormant inside each one of us. With 25+ years of corporate business and consulting experience to her name, Margaret consults with entrepreneurs and businesses to teach them how blending a social mission with business strategy can turn their enterprise into a global movement that matters for the world. Margaret’s 1-on-1 and group coaching programs offer a combination of practical business skills, combined with the tools and techniques to develop the mindset and emotional state allow your radiant brilliance to shine forth, regardless of the circumstances of your day, your job, or your life. You can have that multiple 6 figure business – complete with peace of mind, mental clarity and the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in the lives of everyone you touch.



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