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Gold Medal Bodies - Parallettes One Deluxe Edition

Gold Medal Bodies – Parallettes One Deluxe Edition

Parallette training is a great way to build upper body strength and improve balance for skills like handstands and planches. Included are detailed instructions and video on how to make your own parallettes (I just use pushup bars). This program is based on Scott Sonnon’s CST (Circular Strength Training) program design, incorporating Intu-flow mobility and Prasara Yoga for active recovery and compensation. Program designer Ryan Hurst is an RMAX/CST Faculty Head Coach.
Here’s Your Program for Building Impressive Skills, Bigger “Guns,” and More “Core” Than a Truck Full of Apples

Parallettes One is the program for increased forward pressing strength and control in inverted positions. There is nothing on the market like it that provides months of solid training progressions, clear instructions for each movement, and a clear path to more advanced skills.

Here’s what you get with the Parallettes One Deluxe Edition:

* Parallettes One Course Manual — Complete with 24 Weekly Workout Charts and all the training theory you need to get strong
* Exercise Tutorials — 5 Detailed Instruction Sessions explaining the correct form of each exercise
* Workout Videos — 16 Walk-Throughs covering each workout
* P1 Leg Module — 3 Levels with Instructional Videos and a Full Program Manual
* GMB Recovery Guide — Includes our Encyclopedia of Recovery Methods and Tutorial Videos demonstrating Basic Vibration techniques and our Big Three Yoga poses to help you recover
* P1 Prasara Yoga Flow — Manual and Tutorial Video for specific compensatory movements after performing P1

Also included in this Download are:

Preparatory Program

We produced the following videos to lay the technical foundation for parallette work. The included training program may not be necessary, but we include it as an optional preparation for P1.

1. Pressing Basics
2. The L-Sit
3. Prep Flow Video
4. Prep Program PDF

Bodyweight Coach Bonuses

By Ryan and Adam from Bodyweight Coach:

1. RMAX Beyond Push-Ups 1
2. RMAX Beyond Push-Ups 2

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