Google Best Practices November 2010

Google Best Practices November 2010

One of the key principles of any successful campaign is for it to be based on effective, good quality ads. AdWords advertisers, as well as Google Grants advertisers, have to be particularly focused on solid ad text as they are the main ingredient to make their campaign work. These ads must also comply with AdWords policies. Check out some ad best practices and policies below!

First, if you want to modify an ad we recommend creating a new one and leaving the old one running until the new one is approved. This will ensure that you have an ad running at all times because every time you submit new ads or make changes to existing ads, they are automatically submitted to a new review.

Secondly, it is important to be mindful of our advertising policies. Please take note of our specific ad guidelines to be sure that your ad complies and will be published. See below for some of our most important policies when creating an ad.

Ad creative policies:
• Ad titles are limited to 25 characters.
• The two description lines and display URL are limited to 35 characters each.
• The third line must fit completely within the character limit and cannot lead into the display URL.

Remember to be clear in the way you communicate your message, including all the relevant information and details regarding your organization in order to convey your mission effectively. Avoid common editorial mistakes and do not use inappropriate capitalization or non-standard grammar, spelling, spacing, symbols or punctuation. Check out the AdWords Help Center for examples of the proper use of ad text.

All ads must comply with our URL policies that are listed below. For more details on these policies please refer to this Help Center article.

Link policies:
• Your destination URL must work properly across all web browsers and the landing page for your ad cannot be under construction.
• Your display URL, that is the website that is shown to customers with your ad, must accurately reflect the URL of the website that you’re advertising. It should match the domain of your landing page so that users know which site they will be taken to when they click your ad.

Our policies are updated often so please make sure to check this new policy section of the AdWords Help Center on a regular basis.

Now that you have an overview of the main elements to take into account when writing the ads for your Google Grants campaign, remember to be creative and add your personal touch to be sure you communicate the desired message in the most effective way.

Posted by Veronica Diquattro, AdOps Team


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