Gurutej Kaur - Chakra Yoga for Mental Clarity

Gurutej Kaur – Chakra Yoga for Mental Clarity

Gurutej Kaur – Chakra Yoga for Mental Clarity – DVDRip
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Although the program is called “Kundalini chakra yoga for mental clarity,” it it is not at all about “mind,” which, as we all are accustomed to consider, is generated by the brain and the mind (as awareness and knowledge) of our body’s mind of each of its cells. This mind pervades our body and all chakras, but if the chakras are not worked out, not balanced and not disclosed, clarity of mind and knowledge of the body do not come. Charismatic Gurutedzh Kaur Khalsa recounts why the blocks in different parts of the body cover free flow of energy and what you need to do to get up certain areas of the body and chakras, get rid of the blocks, stagnation of energy and relax the mind.

After initiating the mantra in real time run kriyas. The name of each kriya appears on the screen and Gurutedzh Kaur Khalsa explains, which runs every Kriya, the duration of its execution and results in its regular performance.
First you need to release stagnant energy, clean energy field, then to a special technique to clean energy stress of the past, including the operation of the endocrine glands, open the meridians of the body, run the normal movement of the cerebrospinal fluid, clear it, and let go of the body. Relaxed, filled with the energy of a body can reveal to us the inner knowledge and give us clarity of mind.

Kundalini Yoga for Mental Clarity is a dynamic series of 20 powerful exercises to help you experience higher levels of lucidity and awareness in every area of ??your life.
Would you like to be more clear, present and alert in every situation? Fears, wounds and old thought patterns can create energetic blockages that decrease your ability to focus and concentrate.
Combining movement, breath and mantras, master teacher Gurutej Kaur guides you through a simple and effective daily practice for dissolving blockages, cultivating mental balance and vitality.
“When the mind cannot relax, then all else fails.” – Yogi Bhajan

Program Highlights
• Lasso pose to release stale energy. Clear the energy field.
• A special technique to clear energetic debris of the past.
• Traditional finger pressure methods to invigorate the glandular system.
• Wrist and foot rotations to unlock the meridians of the body.
• Bowing to bring the spinal fluid up and down, thus clearing the brain.

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