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Happiness Telesummit 2014 with Erica Glessing

Happiness Telesummit 2014 with Erica Glessing

Join legendary happiness experts, transformational speakers, and bestselling authors for what promises to be the most amazing attitude adjustment sessions you’ve experienced… in quite some time!

Enjoy Exclusive Interviews with 50 plus Fantastic Guest Speakers!

Dear Happiness Seeker,

My name is Erica Glessing and I am JOYFULLY inviting you to the Happiness Telesummit 2014: Energy, Transformation, Expression.

Join us starting The International Day of Happiness on MARCH 20 then continuing each day through APRIL 9 2014!

First up: we focus on “What is the energy of happiness?”

Next: How can I step into my most true self with a focus on producing MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION?

And THEN — Get fully into the EXPRESSION of happiness in your life, with a focus on “how to write a blog or a book or build a radio show or a telesummit, yourself.”

We have gathered the greatest speakers from all over the world for you. You are being called to shift. We’re going to help you get joyful again!

What would full creative expression of happiness look like in your life? How could it be even better? Join us and it will!

The Experts and Their Sessions:

Rabia Hayek – Breath, Laughter and Life Mastery!
Rabia Hayek teaches breath, laughter and awakening your Prana/Chi energy. You may laugh with us!

Petra Kolber – The Perfection Detox
In this interview Petra shares The Perfection Detox: How to stop striving to be perfect and start celebrating being perfectly human.

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo PhD – Better Than Perfect: Silence the Inner Critic
Bestselling author and PhD Elizabeth Lombardo takes us into her new book “Better Than Perfect” and shows how to feel happiness and joy, silencing the inner critic.

Debra Poneman – Near Death to Full of Life
Bestselling author and light bringer Debra Poneman has an awakening near death experience that puts the true power of your thoughts to change your life into focus.

Cory Michelle – The Secrets to a JUICY LIFE
Cory Michelle has a few secrets to happiness that give her a JUICY LIFE and she shares them with us!

Celeste Hamman – How to Step into Higher Consciousness
How to step into higher consciousness with Celeste Hamman.

Heidi Reagan – The Energy of Happiness and Expansion
Gifted and inspirational Heidi Reagan on the energy of happiness and expansion!

Rémy Chaussé – Get Out of Status Quo, Get Past Go!
Rémy Chaussé walks you through the exact steps to Get Out of Status Quo and Get Past Go in this illuminating interview.

Aymee Coget, PhD – Sustainable Happiness in Five Steps!
Happiness begins with Dr. Aymee! Aymee’s energy bounces off the walls! Love this interview!

Tarra Christoff and Maya Diamond – Marry Yourself!
The sacred ceremony of marrying oneself is shown — with brilliant insights into integrity and walking your talk.

Pat Duran – Happiness Even When You Lost Someone You Love
Medium and Access Consciousness Facilitator Pat Duran shares how to recognize signals from the other side
that our loved ones send us!

Dr. Lisa Cooney – Beyond the Continuous Suffering of Abuse
In this rare Happiness Telesummit offering, Dr. Lisa Cooney gives us tools for healing from those who abused
or simply do not respect us.

Dr. Pamela Moss – Receive Your Soul Guidance, Soul Mate!
Dr. Pamela Moss takes you deep into your soul’s wisdom to uncover guidance to find your dream life, your soulmate,
your heart’s desire!

Charita Cadenhead – Renew, Refresh, Reset Your Life!
Charita Cadenhead on finding inspiration right now, right here, so you can reset and recharge your life!

Megan Schapp – Happiness Now
Megan teaches getting centered, asking for more, feeling happiness right now amidst your life exactly as it is today!

Crystal Lynn – Happiness Grounded in Love
Love is omnipresent with Crystal, who takes you through a chakra wakening uplifting love exercise in this deeply happy interview.

Marci Shimoff – Happy from the Inside Out
Marci Shimoff shares a powerful forgiveness exercise called Ho’oponopono. It goes:I AM SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU. Marci is powerful in sharing how to listen to that inner voice, in this interview.

Oren Harris – The Synchronicity of Happiness
Oren Harris leads you into that magic place where your spirit and your physical experience meet – and synchronicity happens. Change is effortless here, in this place with Oren.

Bec Robbins – Step into Happiness
Bec Robbins teaches you to step into happiness and experience transformation in your life and business with ease, joy and grace. Her energy is amazing!

Thomas Weatherspoon – Transform Yourself, Uplift, Energize!
The Path to Magic mastertrainer Thomas Weatherspoon shares how to step up into your brightest most energized magical being that you truly already are. His High Performance Training program has been improving performances of Professional Athletes, Olympians, Artists, Educators, CEO’s, Movie Stars, Singers and more for over 28 years

Pascale Battrick – How to Free Yourself From the 9 to 5
Called “The Rainmaker” Pascale shares how to free yourself from the 9 to 5 and love what you do, every day. Pascale will share some of the techniques she used to personally overcome her biggest fear.

Deborah Ivanoff – Breaking the Happiness Ceiling
Magical process Deborah walks you through — step by step — to break ceilings that have kept you from becoming yourself.

Karen Palmer – Positively Pets and Kids
Known as the queen of kindness, Karen Palmer teaches love and practices connection with your animals, and children. How can it get any better than this?

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