Harlan Kilstein - 14 Blog Curation Models

Harlan Kilstein – 14 Blog Curation Models

Curation Brings A Flood of Traffic to Your Blog

My name is Harlan Kilstein and I’ve been called “The Godfather of Curation.” I kicked off a storm of conflict when I introduced the Warrior Forum to curation two years ago.

For the past two years, I’ve watched offer after offer on curation hit the WSO list. Some of them were truly great products – others not quite so great. But here’s what’s important to you.
They Are All Missing The Point !

People are offering various curation tools that pull in content, pictures, and videos.
The most powerful curation tool is the one you already own – your brain!

Pulling other peoples’ articles and posting them is the only form of curation these folks teach.

But there’s something important you should know. People think the form of curation these tools do is all that you need. These people are violating the number one rule of the Internet:
Thou Shall Not be Boring !

I recently shared a webinar with my curation clients called 13 14 Curation Methods. (It was supposed to be 13 methods but I am mathematically challenged so you got 14.)

I run through different methods of curation, show you blogs that are using these methods so you get more variety and more raving fans.

I explain each method and give you the advantages and disadvantages to each one.

I even spend time on “Jailbait Curation” the kinds of curation that will get you into serious legal trouble (unless you’re in to that kind of thing.)
Here’s What You Get

A webinar that went just over an hour including questions plus the slides I used in the webinar.

The webinar includes 14 methods – the majority of which you’ve never used.

There are no upsells (they are evil).


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