Harlan Kilstein – Money Acceleration Matrix – Basic and Turbo

Harlan Kilstein – Money Acceleration Matrix – Basic and Turbo

Name Product: Harlan Kilstein – Money Acceleration Matrix – Basic and Turbo

Sale Page: http://moneyaccelerationmatrix.com/

Price: $127

Harlan Kilstein – Money Acceleration Matrix – Basic and Turbo

BINAURAL BEATS Force Your Mind to Achieve Success and Money.
Learn How Your Mind Can Make You Rich
Discover How To Train Your Mind To Attract a 6 or 7 Figure Income
I Dare You to Become Rich!
There is no doubt that science proves binaural beats work. Now you let them work in your life.

Your program consists of eight files. The regular files and the turbo files. In the turbo files, you actually hear the binuaral beats.In the regular files, you most likely will not hear the binaural beats.
Of course, each person’s hearing is a bit different. You should adjust the volume of the playback so that you hear the beats but just in the background.
If you should hear a high pitched sound that does not go away, you are listening too loudly to the turbo and you should reduce the volume.
Each time you listen to your Matrix files you want to make a simple suggestion to self-program your mind. Please state this suggestion out loud.
Here are my suggestions. Feel free to modify them for yourself. Use only one per session:
Relax and Relief -I am releasing all money fearsI am confident in my ability to make moneyI am able to relax completely
Focus Concentration Success -I am focusing on my successI easily concentrate on my goalsI can easily focus my mindI can concentrate and succeed.
Take Massive Action -I am taking action to succeedEverything I Do Brings SuccessI am bringing success through actionMy actions are bringing success
The Money Attractor –I attract money to me.Money automatically comes to me.Anything I work on draws money to me.I am attracting infinite money.


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