Heri Rosyadi – Scribd Traffic Roadmap

Heri Rosyadi – Scribd Traffic Roadmap

All of a sudden, tried-and-true “old ways” just aren’t working. Search patterns are permanently changing, thanks to the alarming shift from computers to mobile devices last year (4 billion mobile users, compared to only 1 billion for computers).

That’s why sites that “share” information and resources are suddenly becoming the new “in”. It’s all about the buzz, and friend recommendations.

Social popularity – and the traffic it brings…

* It’s not something you can manufacture.

* It’s not something you can fake.

And only those who really understand a trending phenomenon can live it – and be one of the leaders.

What Do You Want to Be? An Internet Celebrity… or Hanger On?
Think that’s over-dramatizing the importance of social web presence for you or your business? Well, think again. Even Google has woken up to the fact that small tips dropped on Facebook and Twitter can cause more buzz than any other method combined. Their world-dominating search algorithms are taking a back seat to Twitter, Digg, chat, MySpace and Facebook recommendations…

…and Scribd.

That’s why they frantically created Google Buzz – which bombed cataclysmically, because of an issue that saw it automatically share, without permission, staggeringly personal consumer information. They’re hastily revamping it, even as we speak, in a frantic effort to catch up … and understand social networking.

(If this was a teen movie, it would be kind of like the nerdy science club boys trying to analyze why the popular crowd is cool… and getting it horribly wrong.)

But forget Google Buzz, for now…

What if you could harness this sort of social networking power to draw attention to your digital products, Power Point presentations and documents?

What if you could sell your digital products on a social platform… or give them away for free, as part of a bigger strategy?

What if you could do without having to learn new ways to process your documents – in fact, by using your favorite methods of document creation (both graphic and text-handling).

What if you could siphon more targeted traffic than you’ve ever done before?

“But How Can I Do it With Scribd – A Platform I’ve Barely Heard About?”
And why is Scribd better than Google Buzz, with all the power of Google and internet domination behind it?

Let’s put it this way. Google was so sure everything Google did was the ultimate authority, it almost missed its own boat!

Scribd, on the other hand, was pushing out to sea, on the right course, way ahead of the race.

Started in March 2007, Scribd combined focused business savvy (resulting in millions of dollars in seed money and investor funding) with a thorough understanding of social networking – and a mission….

…to provide a complete “world library”, filled with millions of documents in print.

Easily accessible…

…easy to find…

…with its pulse tuned to the moment: To what’s hot… and what’s not.

Last time I checked (yesterday) it’s Alexa traffic rank was 246.

It allows you to share ANY document for free…

…or in its online store!

So What’s the Down Side?
Well, there is actually very little in the way of drawbacks. But Scribd does have a vital few strict prohibitions – and some fine print you need to carefully navigate, if you don’t want to find yourself banned for life.

Make no mistake, however, Scribd is drop-dead easy to use – it’s very simplicity is one reason that’s made it catch on like wildfire among authors, organizations, entrepreneurs and publishing companies!

But one thing I discovered (after some near-fatal mistakes)… I discovered it would be helpful to have a “roadmap”, to steer you safely past the dangers – and fast track you to your “destination”.

So (having steered past these shoals myself) I wrote one..

By “destination’, we’re talking about:

* Becoming an authority figure
* Providing strong social proof and expert acceptance
* Becoming someone whose works create that all-important buzz
* Seeing your organic searches skyrocket
* Seeing your links and backlinks rocket you up Google’s page ranking system
* Seeing your traffic soar – especially for those who have never felt comfortable (or had any luck) with “traditional” marketer ways of building traffic

“How Do I Fast Track My Way to the Pinnacle of Scribd?”
Good question. Just follow the road map I’ve written for you… It will show you at a glance:

* Making the most of your Scribd profile – and the most important factors to remember
* 12 ways you can get yourself known on Scribd (including 3 you may not have seen before, or thought of)
* What not to do on Scribd – 6 actions that can get you kicked off and 3 omissions that may shock you
* Scribd’s double advantage – covering your bases from both sides
* The Scribd copyright secret that you can turn to your own best advantage
* Just 2 of the powerful reasons Scribd provides a perfect vehicle for your material – one that will net you traffic
* Why allowing Scribd readers to use these can create priceless buzz – and traffic
* The million-dollar Scribd question – and 8 ways to effectively use the answer
* The secret source of traffic you can miss – and how Scribd can serve it to you in record time
* The flip side of pre-qualifying traffic – and how it can be your best friend!
* Selling your works on Scribd’s online store – and 3 things you absolutely need to know
* Why “R & R” doesn’t mean “rest and relaxation” on Scribd – and why it’s a benefit you need
* The little-known section you need to maximize – and the best way to go about it
* The shocking 3 subjects Scribd deliberately excludes – and its reasoning behind this
* Understanding Scribd’s bigger picture – and why it’s a good thing for you
* 7 steps to Scribd success (they’re so easy you’ll say “is that all?”)

As I said, using Scribd is simple. And yes, if you took the time, you could dig out every nugget yourself.

Mind you, it would take you quite a while… and there’s a lot of old information to sift through also on the net. It’s a full research job, finding out what’s changed, what’s been refined, and what’s currently in play as your best and most effective Scribd strategy…

…which prohibitions have been reversed… and which actions (ones that were once allowed) are no longer in Scribd’s game.

Here’s A Sample…

Just one of the small but important factors you need to know now, before investing precious time and discovering this too late:

* Only U.S. residents are allowed to buy and sell from Scribd’s online store

(Not even Canadians can participate in their online store section, right now.)

Now, granted, that doesn’t stop anyone from uploading and downloading documents for free.

And here are more great reasons why you should seriously consider doing so – and making it a major part of this year’s traffic-building strategy!

* Peeling the onion – strategizing the strategy for extra traffic optimization

* 9 unique advantages of article marketing on Scribd – and solving the problem of “duplicate content”

* The simplest document you can upload – and why it will delight your market

* 5 suggestions for making this document unique – and you’re free to think up even more

* What’s in a name – how to avoid your reports being flagged and removed

* 19 suggestions for upload material – and how not to break the rules

* Scribd’s definition of the difference between authorities and spammers – and how not to annoy your market

* The single most important extra step to take, when providing this type of document

* The secret of Scribd headlines – one “glitch you can unwittingly create – and how to use it to your advantage

* How to eliminate autoresponder newsletter woes – by serving these documents up via Scribd!

* How to instantly make yourself known – and a crucial traffic key you should never overlook for a second

* 3 Scribd store features worth noticing that can really help you boost traffic

* Scribd’s secret “twin” – and why it matters they’re not totally alike

* The 2 key elements that make Scribd one of your most important traffic secrets

Don’t spend hours on researching keywords any longer. Don’t worry about Google search algorithms, or investing in huge learning curves, and devoting days to research.

Save yourself precious time and download my Special Report, “Scribd Traffic Roadmap”. It’s the quickest and easiest way to fast track yourself to the sort of unique, highly optimized traffic you need in today’s buzz-driven online world.

Don’t wait until everyone else has discovered this absolutely unique way to become:

* A socially-recognized authority figure

* An online entrepreneur with a solid stream of eager traffic

* Wildly popular in your niche (and also in niches you didn’t know you could own!)

Get ahead of the crowd – and make Scribd your personal traffic tunnel today.

Wishing you a breathtaking increase in targeted traffic!
Heri Rosyadi
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