High Impact Communication - Bert Decker

High Impact Communication – Bert Decker

I really enjoy and appreciate Bert Decker’s thoughts. Although I gave it 4 stars, I need to “vent” a little. This audio book High Impact Communication is the audio version of his earlier (1993) book, You’ve Got to Be Believed To Be Heard, which I already have 2 copies of… (I did not think you could do this. I would be surprised if Bert is OK with this.)
by Janis Zaveri (review)
This course covered key areas I was interested in, such as “How to think on my feet” and “How do you really excite an audience/What makes an audience really want to listen.” It came at a time in my life when i realized I knew most of what the course was teaching; in fact had done most of the things discussed at different times in my life many times over, but, wasn’t consciously aware what I was doing right. Conversely, I didn’t know what to do to correct some things that didn’t work. Now, I know both.
If there is one are the author could improve, it is to deliver the material in a less didactic style. The lead ins to the core material are too long. Once you get to the core though, it’s worth it.


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