How a Struggling Website Owner Learned to Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic

How a Struggling Website Owner Learned to Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic

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Hello, my name is Dave Wedge and I am about to tell you how to easily get all the website traffic you will ever need.

The Internet offers a wealth of opportunity, yet frustratingly building a thriving online business can be remarkably difficult.

If you have a good product or service to offer and you’ve invested money, time, and effort in to your website what you now need most is quality targeted traffic that is hungry and primed for what you have to offer.

Yes, you still need to have an offer that converts, but without visitors you are never going to make money.

With Enough Visitors Even An Ugly Website
With a Bad Offer Will Make Sales!

Maybe like me you have fallen for the often hysterical hype in the Internet Marketing world and bought products and courses which offer much about making money online but actually deliver little?

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good products and courses out there, but if you are reading this the chances are that you are not finding life anything like as easy as these courses make out.

What the ‘gurus’ don’t tell you is that the massive sales volumes they brag about are often not remotely connected with the methods they teach.

They all have huge mailing lists built over long periods of time and they combine forces to also mail to each others lists.

Unless You Have Been Marketing Online For a Long Time
You Simply Don’t Have this Option!

If you’ve been trying to get free traffic and working hard on search engine optimization techniques I don’t have to tell you how hard and time consuming this is.

Believe me I feel your pain here!

My story is a little unusual for reasons I will explain, but at the same time you may well be familiar with the struggles I went through and the length of time I spent spinning my wheels in this business, before FINALLY cracking the traffic problem.

It is probably about time I told you a little bit about myself.

I started trying to make money on the Internet well over a decade ago.

I wrote courses and eBooks in different niches, tried selling other people’s products, and bought and attempted more Internet Marketing courses than I care to remember.

Hundreds and hundreds of hours went in to all of this and I was lucky to make more than a few hundred dollars (if anything at all!) on each project.

My income on an hourly basis was comparable to slave labour!

The problem?

Lack of traffic, or I paid for traffic using methods like Google Adwords which left me no profits and often made a loss.

Confession Time!

This is a little embarrassing because what I have so far not told you is how I earned a living during this time.

You see for the last 14 years I have been a freelance consultant as part of my working life, and have helped many of my clients to build websites.

To excuse myself slightly and give a little more context, my role tends to be more project management than marketing, but I have set up quite a number of Pay Per Click campaigns on behalf of my clients and often do SEO related work.

In one of the campaigns we spent $40,000 a month, but this was in the financial industry where the profit margins are huge.

They are able to spend hundreds of dollars getting a single customer, very few industries provide this luxury. Most website owners work to a limited budget and simply don’t have large sums to spend on marketing.


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