How to Do a Year of Bookkeeping in as Little Time as a Week

How to Do a Year of Bookkeeping in as Little Time as a Week

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Author: Dr. Scott Brown

How to finish your bookkeeping lightening fast so that you can get back to making your money with fast filed tax returns

You are fattening yourself for the kill! Most family business suffer from shoddy bookkeeping, accounting, and tax filings.

The reason is obvious.

Your big problem is that whatever is making you money in business is not bookkeeping. I have counseled far too many business owners through numerous problems that arise in a business that does not perfect the 3 P’s of Marcus Lemonis of “The Profit” on CNBC.


The biggest problems come from astute family business owners who fail at hiring the right bookkeeper. But then again, the biggest benefits of bookkeeping accrue to family business owners who do their own books!

The Devil IS in the Details

This course gives you a clear procedure for completing your business accounting and tax reduction duties. This duty is a serious burden for many managers.

But with this course you will likely complete your accounting in just one day! You surely won’t be at it for more than a few days….

I am Dr. Scott Brown.

I have many years of experience teaching financial accounting to my MBA 503 students in the online program at Southern New Hampshire University. And I am one of the few online adjunct professors who teach the course that actually does bookkeeping for a firm — mine!

I do my annual bookkeeping and then send the result to my accountant. My process is simple, fast, and correct.

The benefits of this course include,

Avoiding IRS fines.
Avoiding federal jail time for tax evasion.
Dramatically increasing your profitability by reducing your cost of taxes.
Squeezing your expenses to the bare minimum with awareness and introspection.
And many, many more if you enroll now.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 11 lectures and 37 mins of content!
Finish your bookkeeping in one day and never fear doing your routine bookkeeping, annual accounting, and tax filings.
Get rich by not paying thousands (or millions) in needless taxes!
Enjoy increased control over your business from enhanced organization.


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