Howie Jacobson & Joel McDonald – Newbie PPC

Howie Jacobson & Joel McDonald – Newbie PPC

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The creators of this course are Joel McDonald & Howie Jacobson – two very well respected Google Adwords consultants.

This is a Newbie to Adwords 6 week webinar series that teaches newbies the who, what, when, where, how and why to PPC Adwords.

Over 40 hours of content & course instruction.

Howie Jacobson is the author of Google Adwords for Dummies and Joel McDonald is widely known as an Adwords consultant who has purchased hundreds of millions of dollars of Adwords for clients over the years.

NewbiePPC is a merger of Joel McDonald’s 6-part webinar series on AdWords strategies and mechanics and Howie Jacobson’s home-study course. Joel’s material is more quantitative and systematic – the science of AdWords. Howie’s material is more qualitative and psychological – the art of AdWords.

Newbie PPC Course Information

Course Syllabus
Webinar #1 (April 26): Taking Aim at the Right Targets and Setting Things Up
The AdWords Decision Tree – the most important question before you start
Conversion Tracking 101 – don’t leave home without it
Importance of “Campaign Buckets” – simple and elegant account structure
Importance of “Keyword Silos” – smart and manageable ad group structure

Webinar #2 (May 3): Exploiting Weaknesses and Building Strengths
Identifying holes in your competitors’ strategies
Plugging the holes in your own strategy before letting loose the dogs of AdWords

Webinar #3 (May 10): Getting Into the Game
Ante Up: Loading your ads/keywords
Breathe Easy Benchmarking: Performance expectations for Search/Display/Display
Image Ads
Beginner’s Skill: Strategies for first few days/weeks

Webinar #4 (May 17): 80/20 Management and Testing
Your New Best Friend: AdWords Editor overview
Show Google the Money: monthly/weekly bid maintenance strategies
Smart Stuff To Do Not That Often: quarterly/semi-annual strategies
Testing on Steroids: campaign cloning decision process

Webinar #5 (May 24): Download Joel’s Brain: Rules to Follow, Rules to Break
Basic rules that will make your life easier
Search Bidding Strategies
Display Bidding Strategies
Image Ad Behavior (Don’t fall into the “cheap clicks” trap.)
Tiered Bidding
Keeping Broad Match in its place
Rules you can bend after knowing “the basics”
Display Network for traffic

Webinar #6 (June 7): Operation Clawback: Selling to Website Visitors Who Don’t
Understanding Remarketing: A Strategic Overview
Remarketing setup
Beginner remarketing strategies
Advanced remarketing strategies



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