HypnoSummit March 2009

HypnoSummit March 2009

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Most hypnotists have never been to a national conference. As valuable as the education is and no matter how great the speakers are, there are just too many problems with them for you to take the time, expense, and hassle to go:

They are expensive and in these economic times you don’t think you should spend that kind of money.
You may have difficulty getting time off from your day job or your practice.
Maybe your family doesn’t like you going off to a conference instead of spending your off time with them.
Recordings of lectures at national conferences are okay but maybe you don’t learn well that way. Perhaps you need to see the presenter to really hear what they have to say.
Perhaps you’ve heard every presenter so often you could give their lecture for them.
You don’t get to hear the best speakers from other areas due to logistical limitations.

Don’t you think it is about time you had it your way?

It’s about TIME. your time, your convenience, your schedule and your income. Now you can attend an international hypnosis education conference that fits you. For the first time you can attend a hypnosis conference from the comfort of your own sofa, in your own home or office. No airlines with delays and missed connections. No noisy hotels with uncomfortable beds. No poorly prepared food (unless that is what you already eat). No dress code. Not having to belong to multiple or any certifying organizations. Get your continuing education in your pajamas!

What? How?
The Global Hypnosis eSummit is bringing the hypnosis conference to you!

Plan now to attend the first Global Hypnosis eSummit. It will stream over your favorite web browser March 13-15th, 2009. There has never been a hypnosis event like this one! Top speakers from around the world will present one-hour lectures on a wide variety of topics for beginners to advanced practitioners. Learn new techniques, new topics in the field of mind/body interactions. There will also be a variety of topics for those who are simply interested in hypnosis so you can invite your friends, students and family to participate as well.

We have scoured the globe looking for top trainers in every country. There should be no boundaries and no obstacles to learning. Watch as techniques are demonstrated just like you were sitting in the audience. Learn new ideas and techniques to expand your practice. See what’s being done in other parts of the world that can impact your practice wherever you live. Learn new ways of doing things. Lectures will be for sale on an individual basis after the two week period has expired

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