I Am Wealth 2 - Wealth Thermostat

I Am Wealth 2 – Wealth Thermostat


I’m so happy you are ready to close the GAP between the wealth you have NOW and the wealth you want.

By reading this it proves you are ready take your wealth creation seriously. You are about to discover the missing tools you need to make more money and crack the code on wealth creation once and for all.

Here’s what you will get

Transformative High Quality Recording

In this recording you will learn:

• How to turn up your Wealth Thermostat; how it works and what you need to know to make sure you do it right! (Without turning up your wealth thermostat, not matter what you do, you simply WILL NOT be able to increase your cash flow)

• The secrets about your ‘Upper Wealth Limits’; how they are holding you back and what you can do about it.

• The 3 biggest mistakes people make (and these things keep them stuck no matter what they do)

• You will also discover the 3-Step system to free yourself from your upper wealth limits forever so you can easily manifest more abundance in your life starting TODAY.

• PLUS. How to discover and look out for ‘hidden wealth clues’ that you may not have noticed; and when you do you will be able to increase your abundance and discover previously hidden opportunities.


• How to create WEALTH habits (very few people know what these are)

• Learn the four main ways to become rich and how this applies to you.

Wealth Thermostat Manifestation MP3

This MP3 will guide you on an inner journey to wealth and abundance. As you listen to this you will be able to increase your wealth thermostat setting so you are ABLE and willing to open up to greater abundance. The recording does all the work for you, so your manifestation is powerful and effective – rather than having waste thoughts and fear that cause you to loose money!

The Secrets to Wealth

You will receive access to 3 FULL-LENGTH audios about increasing your wealth and abundance.

1. How to Overcome Sub-conscious Blockages

In this audio, you will understand more deeply how your sub-conscious beliefs are preventing you from wealth, and how to effectively overcome this. As long as you have blockages lurking in your sub-conscious all your good intentions will go to waste.

2. Overcoming FEAR in an Unstable Economy

Fear is one of the biggest emotions driving most people at the moment – and fear makes it near impossible to attract wealth. In this audio you will discover the keys to overcoming fear and anxiety around money and tune into the abundance you have inside you.

3. Deeper Secrets to the Law of Attraction

In this audio, you will discover some ‘must know’ secrets to how your mind works; secrets that most people will never know and will remain stuck in debt for the rest of their lives. Even if you have studied the law of attraction teaching, they often don’t work because there are pieces to the puzzle left out. These audios alone will change how you see money and wealth forever. Don’t miss out on this essential package.

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