Igor Ledochowski & Don Spencer - Professional Stage Hypnotist Bootcamp

Igor Ledochowski & Don Spencer – Professional Stage Hypnotist Bootcamp

Is Money, Fame & Fun The Ultimate New Year Gift To Yourself?

“Stride Out Of The ‘How To Be A Professional Stage Hypnotist Bootcamp’ With The Power, Skills & Charisma Of A Top Stage Hypnotist & With Your Own Amazing Promotional DVD…

…That Proves You’ve ALREADY Run A Stage Hypnosis Show At The World Famous Venetian Hotel & Casino
On The Las Vegas Strip!”

The World Famous Venetian Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Dear Future Professional Stage Hypnotist, I probably don’t need to tell you just how profitable and fun it is to be a part time or full time Professional Stage Hypnotist. Not to mention how people simply hold you in awe either in person or in the media.

If having the skills, power and charisma of a stage hypnotist interest you at all, then you should come to The Venetian Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas between March 11th-14th 2010 for Igor Ledochowski’s & Don Spencer’s “How To Be A Professional Stage Hypnotist Bootcamp”.

Here’s why…

Firstly and most importantly you’re going to be trained by Don Spencer, one of the world’s top Stage Hypnotists for the past 25 years and by Igor Ledochowski, who many consider to be the world’s foremost hypnosis teacher and trainer and who has taken hypnosis in exciting new directions.

And just as Igor found with general hypnosis and hypnotherapy, the training available for Stage Hypnosis is almost universally VERY POOR. So he has devised a foolproof system to turn you into a top Stage Hypnotist, during 4 highly intensive bootcamp days using his unique teaching system.

Secondly you will leave the bootcamp having ACTUALLY performed a Stage Hypnosis Show at the Venetian on the Las Vegas Strip. (Don’t be concerned about stage fright, this will be done on the last day of the training using your fellow stage hypnosis trainees and you WILL be fully confident and know what you are doing.)

What’s more this will be taped and turned into a professional 10-15 minute promotional DVD of you in action.

This will be worth MANY MANY times it’s weight in GOLD to you.

Many up and coming Stage Hypnotist’s would KILL to have a promotional DVD of themselves performing at the Venetian on the Strip. The reason is simple, agents and venues will take you extremely seriously and want to book your show.

Here’s Some Of The Reasons Why March Is Going To Be So Special…

Earn Serious Income Part Time Or Full Time – You can run shows only on weekends or you can choose to embrace the whole lifestyle.

Professional Stage Hypnotists Charge Between $750-$3,000 (Or More) For A Single Show (Lasting between 60-90 minutes!)

How To Book Your Own Theatre Using The “Four Wall” System And Keep All The Ticket Money. Don Spencer has successfully done this for many years and will show you how he did it so you can repeat his success.

Have An Old Expert Show You How To Get Into The Business Fast. Don used to hold the world record for the longest running stage hypnosis show in the world.

You Could Be Doing Your First Show The Day After This Live Training Has Finished. You will have the skill and knowledge to do this. You can be earning many times Your investment back before the end of March!

Get Paid Very Well To Develop Irresistible Charisma & In Time You Might Even Become A Superstar.

Be Part Of An Exciting A Growing Industry

Revealed: How You Can Use Your Skills To Get FREE Or Even PAID Holidays In Exciting Locations Or On Luxury Cruise Ships!


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