Igor Ledochowski - How To Do Hypnotic Instant Inductions [23 mp4; 1 pdf]

 Igor Ledochowski – How To Do Hypnotic Instant Inductions [23 mp4; 1 pdf]

“How do I do Hypnotic Instant Inductions?”

Of all the questions that come pouring into the Hypnosis Training Academy – that is one of the most popular.

If you’ve ever wondered how stage hypnotists put people “out” with a single word and a quick handshake, your curiosity is about to be satisfied.

You see, a short while ago I spent two days in a professional studio recording this training program.

I wanted to create a video training that takes the mystery out of instant inductions and shows ANYBODY how to do them with just a little practice.

What you’ll really appreciate as you watch is how this training takes you step-by-step through the entire process of doing instant inductions.

It’s all laid out for you – I held nothing back during this video shoot.

Everything I’ve learned learned about instant inductions (Including secrets I had travel half way around the world and DRAG out of various mentors over the years) was captured on video.

I suspect a lot of hypnotists will be a little upset I’m sharing “trade secrets” – but that’s too bad for them.

It was so frustrating for me trying to put together all the pieces of this puzzle, there’s no reason for you to struggle like I did to learn this fun and valuable skill.

The training program is 79 minutes of detailed, comprehensive, hard-to-find but easy to follow instruction on how to do your own instant inductions any time, any place, with anyone.

By the time you’re finished watching, you’ll know more about instant inductions than most Las Vegas stage hypnotists!

More importantly, you’ll know everything you need start DOING instant inductions

I cover every aspect of instant inductions from A to Z so you’ll feel totally confident in doing your own as soon as you’ve gone through the training.

When you can do instant inductions, it’s pretty easy to become the life of the party and find yourself viewed by others as possessing some “magic ability”.

(Even though instant inductions are not hard, they tend to blow people’s minds!)

And besides entertainment, many interesting possibilities open up for you when you have this skill…including doing group demos to build your hypnosis practice or helping people one-on-one overcoming obstacles in their lives.

You see, I go far beyond party tricks in this training…

You’re going to learn the fundamental principles that make ALL successful hypnosis work.

So don’t blame me if you suddenly find yourself more confident and comfortable in ANY situation after watching these videos.

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