Igor Ledochowski - The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis Videos

Igor Ledochowski – The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis Videos

Dear Friend,
I finally cracked the code…
Over the past decade, I’ve toiled away on a very important project.
My mission was to develop a speed-training system.
One that ingrains the basics of conversational hypnosis right into the unconscious mind.
So anyone exposed to my secrets can become proficient…very rapidly indeed!
You know, some people think hypnosis is hard.
“You need years of studying!”
“You gotta bust your brains to remember techniques and scripts.”
“You have to fight tooth and nail to induce trance.”
What baloney!
I’ll reveal why in a moment.
From the Desk of:
Igor Ledochowski
Master Hypnotist and Trainer
(Foremost authority on conversational hypnosis.)

Fact is, I’ve created a process that shaves years off the learning curve. It requires no rote memorization and you’ll retain everything necessary for any covert hypnotic encounter.

No figuring out how to make hypnosis work. No guessing what to say and when to say it. The right words and gestures flow out with ease. Like water from a spout. At just the right time.

Which means, this is the perfect fast-track to covert hypnosis mastery so you can…

Drop people into waking trances anywhere at any time!

Charm others into following your “hidden” suggestions!

Sell like a superstar to more customers at higher prices!

Rid people of fears, phobias and a slew of bad habits!

Motivate “slackers” to get their act together at work or home!

Sway rigid minds to accept your point of view with no resistance!

And finally be in total control of your life from now on!


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