iJoomla SEO for Joomla 1.5.x

iJoomla SEO for Joomla 1.5.x

I’ve turned everything on, and in production.
Support has been excellent — I was using older version of mySQL (4.0) — iJoomlaSEO docs didn’t say that it required mySQL 5.0 – but one of the techs myPHPAdmin’d into the SQL, and with Super Administrator got the product to work as best as possible with mySQL 4.0 — I was impressed. Though he got many of the features to work in mySQL 4.0, I went ahead and upgraded to mySQL 5.0

I am having a current conflict of iJoomla SEO with another extension : “System – Add Keywords” plugin. When both are enabled, the iJoomla SEO stomps on the META-tags (“Description” goes either null or “desc1”, and I get only <TITLE>Home</TITLE> though “ADD Keywords” is putting a fully populated 64+ character title. I need the functionality of both, however. I prefer the flexibility of “Add Keywords” — (it is HOT!!) for META “keywords” & “description”, and page TITLE because it adds description & Keywords from the article and other inclusion/exclusion rich places (better than iJoomla SEO). But the many OTHER features of iJoomla SEO that I want require that both be enabled.

Several of the iJoomlaSEO features are available in other extensions, and since iJoomla requires a commercial purchase, you should look at the free open source extensions if purchasing is an issue, based on what features you need.

The iJoomlaSEO user interface for viewing & updating about 100 articles (meta description, article title, article keyword, or module) all at one time on a single screen is superior to everything out else out there. If nothing else, you begin to comprehend the interplay of all your content visually.

Beware: all these SEO products playing with the KEYWORDS field, which is used for “related-article” core module (and other providers, i.e., fj_related_plus — btw, is HOT!!!!). This means you are using the single “keyword” field for two functions (tho, fj_related is moving somewhat away from this being a dependence). Have a plan on how you want to handle it BEFORE you drop in SEO changes and mess up your “related” content results.

One significant need I have is populating keywords into Meta name=”keywords”, which iJoomlaSEO doesn’t do automatically. Designed that way INTENTIONALLY t requires that you inform it of the keywords to use, and for YOU to populate the Meta-Keywords manually.

However, the alternate “Add Keywords” plugin uses two whitelists (single word keywords whitelist 1, and “multi-word” keywords whitelist 2, a blacklist, and the ability to extract the highest density “phrases” or “words” from your article (and any other component, section, author that you specify) and will automatically populate keywords (how ever many you characters, words you specify).

“Add Keywords” also allows you to “GENERATE ALL” to go into all your articles, and MENUS, and CATEGORIES will “batch” the updates (with, amazingly, exclusions). In these areas iJoomlaSEO doesn’t succeed.

It was an INTENTIONAL iJoomla SEO design to not automate the populating of keywords into the meta-keyword field, with the express philosophy that it should be manually observed using traffic analysis (like google adwords). I seriously disagree and think it is a lacking in the iJoomlaSEO commercial product.

That said, iJoomlaSEO easily populates the TITLE, Meta-Description, Menu-Title, etc., with just a few simple commands. It would take several weeks of manually updating “Title” and “Meta-Descriptions” through the front-end or back-end. iJoomlaSEO performs this in seconds. SAVINGS: hundreds of person-hours in a life of your content. Plus, iJoomla SEO interface gives you an ability to keep content meta-tags consistent to your policies.

Contentheading = h1 , ComponentHeading = h2
Great feature (also available in other providers) – takes the unseen joomla classes and makes them “seen” by the search engines, however you want (h1, h2, etc.) . That’s worth the product right there (though this feature is available in an alternate free extension provider)!

Amazing little function – takes the outbound links and makes them all internal redirects with it doing a single OBL (takes your OBL count of perhaps hundreds down to one OBL). iJoomla staff minimizes this feature, but it is a GEM for applying it to something it was not directly intended : tracking affiliate clicks, or “external” clicks in your email campaigns. Today, most people send out an email and embed a link to their affliate (a direct click). You can’t see the traffic because your emailer (constant contact, vertical response, aweber, etc.) see it as external to your domain. Instead, route them all to your website, have an iJoomlaSEO redirect to the the affiliate – and now you have all first-level clicks counted. The major drawback is that if you shutoff iJoomlaSEO, the links fail (fix it with .htaccess, or a simple mySQL update command).

There are many other features in iJoomlaSEO that I love, but I’ve run out of time.

Hope this helps, Dickson



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