Infinite Skills – Learn how to build dynamic website in PHP & MySQL

Infinite Skills – Learn how to build dynamic website in PHP & MySQL

Name Product: Learn how to build dynamic website in PHP & MySQL
Size: 1.23 GB
COST: $99= Your Free
Author: Infinite Skills

Learn Dynamic Web Design and Website with PHP / MySQL,JavaScript and CSS completely with scratch

Learn to create Dynamic Website from scratch in PHP & MySQLi, building a website with database connectivity. Building a dynamic website had never been easier from scratch before this course. This Dynamic Web Design with PHP and MySQLi training course will give you a working understanding of these important technologies and show you how to use them to create your own impressive websites. This course gradually shows you how to build the necessary components and underlying framework of your site. It goes through installation of PHP and MySQL technologies on your local machine, explains basic tags, command, and helps you build and work within a solid back-end database.

What are the requirements?

• HTML + CSS + JavaScript (Optional)
• XAMPP (For Localhost)
• Basics of PHP & MySQLi (Optional)
• Notepad++ (As a text editor)
• Chrome (As a Web Browser)
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 34 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!
How to build functional, full-featured websites that utilize MySQL, PHP and other current web development technologies.
How to install, configure and modify MySQL databases for the web.
How to pair a secure PHP / MySQL backend of a website with a compelling visual interface made with CSS, JavaScript code.
The basic principles and best practices of PHP and MySQL in a relevant, real world project
Create a Data Driven Dynamic Website in PHP & MySQLi
Learn to Create a CMS (Content Management System) for dynamic Website in PHP & MySQLi
What is the target audience?

Web developers and programmers looking to learn a new language and set of standards.
Individuals and small business owners interested in creating their own fully featured websites with total control over data management, functionality and visual appearance.
Anyone who has used basic CMS or templates to create basic websites in the past but want much more control.
Anyone who has tried to learn PHP or MySQL in the past but found it difficult due to a lack of practical examples.
This course is for those who want to take their PHP & MySQLi skills to the next level by creating dynamic websites in PHP
This course is for those who want to learn how to build dynamic website from scratch in PHP & MySQLi

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