Inspire3 - Brain Evolution System Levels 1-7 [8 x FLAC; 2 x pdf; 1 x txt]

Inspire3 – Brain Evolution System Levels 1-7 [8 x FLAC; 2 x pdf; 1 x txt]

This torrent includes the Level 7 material (which is by invitation only for those who have followed levels 1-6)
After years in development, the MOST POWERFUL EVER level in the Brain Evolution System has arrived.
It’s fifty minutes of audio unlike anything you’ve experienced before.
With each second hand-crafted to take you deeper than ever, this session magnifies the awesome results you’ve already experience from BrainEv.
On top of that, a further fiteen-minute ‘Pick Me Up’ audio proceeds to sharpen your mind, giving you the mental edge – precisely when you want it.
This will change everything.

It’s Level 7: Evolution.

Congratulations on beginning the Brain Evolution System (BrainEv). This system has been created by Inspire3 as a personal tool to help you develop a sharp, flexible mind with a strong brain to support it. It has also been developed as an ongoing exercise to unleash your creative spark, improve your mental/emotional functioning, while acquainting you with the landscape and self-control of your brain and the mind that commands it.

BrainEv uses audio brainwave entrainment technology to help you develop peak mental and emotional states. Achieving your peak mental state, while eradicating unsettling anxieties, has a positive effect on almost every area of your life. You will perform better. You will think more efficiently so that you can respond to every situation with greater flexibility and clarity. This is what the Brain Evolution System is all about – performing and living at your very best.

BrainEv is a six level, six month, progressive system that is designed to be listened to in a specific order. Each level has been engineered using a very specific plan called an ‘entrainment map’.
‘Entrainment mapping’ is a graphical approach, which BrainEv developers used to define exactly how the brainwave entrainment program will be laid out. This approach to brainwave entrainment is another method that sets the Brain Evolution System in a category all of its own. Every sound event in the program is bound by the exacting foundations of its entrainment map to the millisecond.


Level I – Transcendece
Level II – Lucid Echoes
LevelL III – Infinity
Level IV – Crystal Rain
Level V – Neptune’s Cave
Level VI – Fusion
Level VII – Evolution (Main session) & Pick Me Up


Shoould you have Levels 1-6 already, you can select to download Level 7 only using your torrent tracker software

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