Inspire3 - Brain Salon Brainwave

Inspire3 – Brain Salon Brainwave

Brain Salon is a collection of audio sessions from inspire3, the people behind the wonderful Brain Evolution System. Whereas that older package is a long-term program aimed at taking you to ever deeper levels of meditation and mental control, Brain Salon is pitched as a quick way to change your state of mind at will.

BrainSalon comprises six audio recordings, each of which is designed to bring about a particular mental state. So whether you need an energy boost, a bit of creative spark, or a deep relaxation, you simply need to pick the right recording, sit back, and relax.

BrainEv and Brain Salon are complementary products that can be used together or separately depending on your needs and goals.
What is the difference between Brain Salon & Brain Evolution System?

Short-term brainwave entrainment products are tools that are used for IMMEDIATE, or short-term gain. For example, listening to a brainwave entrainment session designed to increase focus. The results last for a short period of time. They’re a “quick-fix” and not intended for long-term benefit.

BrainEv is long-term. Brain Salon is quick-fix.

BrainEv gives you the ability to truly become a master of your brain. To further the workout analogy, you’ll develop full mental muscles, and be able to flex in any way you desire.

The Brain Salon however is good for those times you need little tune-ups. When you want a serious boost of focus, or want to get to sleep. These SPECIFICALLY TARGET those frequencies, to help heighten them when you need them most.

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