Maker: Brad Scott
    Product: Instahook Video Backgrounds
    Sales Page:

 I have been doing internet marketing a videography for over 6 years now. I started out with MLM and failed miserably for almost 4 years.

 It wasn’t until I started throwing videos up on YouTube that I was able to quit the 9-5 grind and call myself a true business owner.

 I built up 2 youtube channels to a combined

– 70,000+ subscribers

– 16 million video views

– over 800 videos live on my channels

Now I don’t show you these numbers to brag. I just want you to understand that I have posted all kinds of different content on my YouTube channels and I can tell you this..

 If you post a boring video, NOBODY is going to want to watch it. And if they do they are going to watch maybe half of the video and then click away to watch something else.

 The analytics in my youtube accounts show it.

 I have learned over the years that you absolutely must post exciting, fresh and interesting content if you want people to take notice, sign up for your email list, and purchase your products.

Over these last few years my YouTube channels have enabled me to live a pretty unique lifestyle. I have lived in some beautiful places and have been able to follow my passions for fitness and photography to the max and make good money doing so.

I have also been selling my information products and had a successful product launch January of 2014 where I was able to do over $20,000 in just 10 days. I will be including a webinar I did showing you the whole sales funnel with this product.

I recently started a new site where I am interviewing other successful

entrepreneurs about how they became successful both online and offline.

It’s really interesting seeing how many different ways there are to make a full time income working for yourself.

On a recent interview with Todd Gross ( JVZOO’S #1 Super Affiliate with over 55,000 sales) we were talking

about the future of video marketing. Both agreeing that the days of Ugly Videos are coming to an end.

We somehow got to talking about photography and cinematography and I showed him some of my timelapse

photography videos as well as other stock videos I have been selling for a couple years on microstock sites.

He pointed out the fact that there is a high demand for stock videos right now with the recent ability to add

Full HD video into the background of explainer videos and sales videos using programs like Explaindio and Easy Sketch Pro as well as make Squeeze Pages with Video Backgrounds.

So Todd talked me into putting together an extremely discounted video background package for internet marketers

to use in their marketing material as we both agree it’s time for people to stop with the ugly videos and start creating

videos that Grab the viewers attention right from the start.

You can grab this package today including over 100 Full HD video backgrounds and you will be paying less than you would normally pay to license just 1 stock video clip


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