Instant Traffic Stampede - Yanik Silver & Jim Edwards

Instant Traffic Stampede – Yanik Silver & Jim Edwards

This still sells for $ 497.00

As many of you know the Niche and building the Site is the easy Part. Getting solid Traffic is another story.

This was purchased as part of a Group Buy. Enjoy

“Why Settle For Tiny, ‘Hit-or-Miss’ Traffic Spurts When You Can Unleash A Thundering, Non-Stop Traffic Stampede To Your Site — Practically Overnight!”

Give Us 21 Days And We’ll Show You
How To (at least) Double Your Site’s Traffic…
Or We’ll Eat Our Cowboy Hats!

From: Sheriff Yanik Silver and Marshall Jim Edwards

Howdy Internet Pardner,

Does your website look like an old “Ghost Town?”…

Even if your website is doing okay, somewhere deep down in your gut, you know it could be doing better — a whole lot better — if you could just drive more traffic.

Well, if you’ve ever wished for more website traffic, this announcement is meant for you!

Listen, aren’t you just sick and tired of feeling lower than a rattlesnake’s belly every time you check your website’s traffic stats? (Especially when you figure some of those hits came from you checking if the site was still up.)

Haven’t you had enough with all the “guaranteed” ways to drive traffic to your site which only leave your wallet a little lighter and you feeling a whole helluva’ lot more frustrated. If you’re like us, you’ve probably tried every traffic technique under the Sun with disappointing results.

It’s no wonder…

Almost Everyone is Dead Wrong About
How They Try to Get Traffic to Their Sites

You see, the truth is you don’t need 367 different ways to get traffic that each produce a handful of visitors – what you need are the 7 absolute best, NO-FAIL traffic systems ready to blast your traffic through the roof!

Think about it. If you were fighting a raging inferno would you rather have everyone in your neighborhood bringing over a tablespoon of water to put out the fire …or would you like to have 7 state-of-the-art fire trucks pumping out 7,000 gallons of H20 a minute battling the blaze?

It’s no contest!

Why piddle around with little trickles of traffic when you can tap into raging, monster traffic sources practically overnight. This is going to sound silly – but we need to ask you:

Have you ever heard any web site owner complaining they have too much traffic?

No way.

It’s not exactly a big secret you’ve got to have…


Holy smoke! It’s all a numbers game…

Once you’ve got loads of traffic coming out your ears it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to turn a big profit. Just think if you’re doing alright now you could be making money hand over fist with a mountain of new traffic bombarding your site!

Well saddle up because we’re going to show you how to add hundreds (even thousands) of new visitors to your website each and every month …even if your site seems like a totally hopeless “ghost town” right now.

Stop Wishing and Praying For More Traffic

Just imagine if you could round up the Internet’s head honcho traffic experts and hold them hostage until they agreed to spill their guts and reveal every one of their jealously guarded visitor sprouting secrets.

Sounds good, right? Of course — but there’s one big problem: How do you get one of these first-class “Traffic Tornadoes” to share their insider secrets with you?

You see, getting these guys to open their mouths doesn’t come cheap. Fact is, most of these big players charge upwards of anywhere from $250.00 to $500.00/hour or more for consulting (if they’re even available at all).

Unless you were prepared to shell out a small fortune you would never have access to the insider information that could skyrocket your Internet business. Until now!


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