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Investors Live: Textbook Trading Buy Nathan Michaud

Nathan Michaud – Investors Live: Textbook Trading
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Be prepared for a SOLID eight hours packed full of information. You’ll need a paper and pen, watch it once … twice … as many times as you want and I guarantee you’ll learn more EACH and EVERY time!
This goes through EVERYTHING I’ve learned from day one. Where I’ve made the most money, lost the most money, what to stay away from; the lessons I learned the hard way

and – most importantly – how to come to the market EACH day for a paycheck, prepared, energized, and ready to anticipate trades for daily profits.

I dive into each and every topic with detail, visual examples and clear concise answers to better your trading strategy. I do this EVERY DAY! I’ve made this to speed your LEARNING CURVE up exponentially.

The complete DVD is divided in 11 chapters, all covering different parts of Nate’s trading experience. It starts with his personal story of how he started trading. He tells about some of his greatest successes and his biggest losses as well. You can learn from all his mistakes he made so you can prevent making them yourself.

He starts with some basic terminology that you need to understand to be able to watch the rest of the DVD and you’re new to trading. When you are already familiar with trading this can be a little too much as it is probably all known to you, although it can be a good thing to refresh your basics now and then. When you are a new trader this is a very good explanation of the basics that you most certainly need to understand.

To get to understand the trading setups Nate is looking for you need to understand some technical analysis aside from the terminology that is spoken among traders. Nate spends a chapter outlining very clear how he has set up his charts and which technical analysis he uses for trading.

Even if you are not preparing yourself for day-trading everybody should watch the first there chapters to get a basic knowledge and understanding of how the stock market works. After watching these chapters everybody, new traders and more experienced ones, is really prepared to watch this complete DVD and start your amazing journey of becoming a great trader.

The next three chapters are really going into the different trading setups that he has been perfecting over the years. It is amazing to see how his explanations are kept simple, so that everybody can easily understand them. He doesn’t throw you in the deep by filling the screen with complicated chart after chart, but he takes the time to explain the chart setup by simple and clear drawings. This gives you, as the student, the opportunity to first understand the pattern without being distracted by the actual price, the time-frame of the chart or whatever more clutter there can be on real-time charts.

After explaining the setups he’ll show several examples of stocks following the exact pattern he has just taught you to understand. So that you will see that stocks are really doing what he is looking for to trade.

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